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Technology Integration
That Drives Collaboration

Discover how Immedia can transform the way your organization thinks, meets and collaborates.

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We approach every project with a Total Cost of Ownership mindset to ensure our clients not only get the highest levels of quality and service, but also get the most out of their investment. We maintain this focus by adhering to 5 Value Propositions to guarantee the lowest total lifetime cost on every installation.


We ensure that all our installed solutions are designed to disappear into the routine of your everyday life.


We perform a proprietary pass/fail certification on every piece of equipment that exceeds the only 2 ANSI standards that manage the AV industry and guarantees the original intent for use.


We partner with you to ensure at least 1 person in every meeting has the knowledge to make your technology perform impeccably.


We only specify equipment from manufacturers with a proven track record or equipment that has been thoroughly vetted in our own office by our tech team.


We never settle for simply satisfied customers; we strive for loyalty. Which is why we have the fastest response times and highest rated support personnel in Arizona.

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We're not your average audio visual company. By focusing on enterprise clients we have a deep understanding of the unique needs of our customers. We believe in ultimate transparency. When you partner with us we're not interested in the "Band-aid" approach; we want to support your organization's needs today, tomorrow, and into the future. From concept and design to construction, project delivery, and long-term support, Immedia is there every step of the way. Our vision is simple: To improve the lives of our clients through the innovative use of technology.


Technology continues to evolve. Just in the last 15 years we've went from using analog signals, to digital signals, and now everything sits on 'The Network'.
Why is this important?
Where we were.
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Simple & Reliable
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Low Risk of Failure
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More Hardware & Up-front Costs
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Significantly More Expensive
Where we WENT.
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Better Features
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More Complex
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Higher Points of Failure
Where we ARE.
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Nearly Limitless Functionality
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Always Improving
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Incredibly Complex
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Highest Risk of Failure
Network-based systems give us nearly limitless capability and are always improving. On the other hand, they are incredibly more complex and introduce a higher risk of system failure. Immedia knows how imperative technology is to the efficiency & success of your business and that's why we make service & support our highest priority. We have 10 team members dedicated to service & support to ensure your systems remain online, up-to-date, and receive the highest level of love & care.
Photo of lady interacting with an interactive video wall.

Next-Generation Video Walls

Experience LED Video Wall Expertise With Immedia
LED Video Walls are becoming increasingly more popular and are used for a multitude of reasons from creating an immersive & interactive experience to delivering real-time data and messaging. We have extensive experience in designing & installing video walls of any shape or size to seamlessly fit your space. Let's work together to create something unimaginable!
provide a wow factor
ultimate building control
one-touch meeting start
entertain effortlessly
real-time information delivery
seamlessly book meeting rooms
provide support quickly
learn & grow together
Dedicated Team Members
Completed Projects
4 hours
Average Service Response Time
Revenue From Repeat Clients
Photo of a large training room with three large flat-panel displays on one wall and one large video wall on the opposite side of the room.

Complete Collaboration

#1 Technology Services Provider In The Southwest U.S.
Immedia's integration process is rooted in collaboration. Our team communicates with you on concept, design and installation to guarantee you get the result and ROI you dreamed of.
January 15, 2021
Measuring Client Experience - Net Promoter Score
“How do we capture customer satisfaction?” This question has been asked by companies for decades, maybe even centuries. Everything from suggestion boxes to extensive surveys have been employed to get a read on what clients really think. Enter the Net Promoter Score approach. There are some key reasons this metric has become so popular and has proven to be an incredibly effective way to measure customer experience. Here’s why…
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January 5, 2021
What is Up-time Worth to You?
Does your AV integrator guarantee uptime? Make no mistake, an answer other than yes means your business is losing money – maybe a little, maybe a lot! Read on to learn more about the real costs of being “down”.
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December 18, 2020
Immedia & Santa’s Sak
Ever wonder how Santa does it all? If you’ve been following our posts these last few weeks you now know – he has help! Lots and lots of help from amazing organizations like Santa’s Sak. This year we wanted to get involved, so we skipped giving out corporate gifts and decided to give joy and hope to foster kids in the phoenix area instead. Here are all the details…
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