Why Ben Crow Loves His Immedia Career

Immedia is a great place to work! The people make this place so enjoyable and invigorating. For example, sitting in a meeting with the sales team and director of field operations after a heated argument. I accidentally fell over in my chair and landed on the ground. The whole team started bursting out laughing. It really released the tension in the room, and everything returned to fun normal times. I was a little embarrassed but made the hearts and faces of my co-workers hurt from laughing so hard.

We make technology fun and easy for our customers to use.  When I walk a customer through our office for a tour, I can tell that it's enjoyable for them to learn about the technology installed in our office.  Having a fun office environment shows clients we like working here. I wake up every morning wanting to better our clients lives through the innovative use of technology.  We have character and our clients trust us to make their systems simple and easy to use. This gives them a great return on investment.

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How Long is 50,000 Hours?
The typical lifetime of Leyard and Planar’s LCD display solutions is 50,000 hours. That means that if you turn on a Clarity® Matrix® LCD Video Wall right now, the LCD displays will run for 50,000 hours before they achieve half-brightness (and will continue to run beyond that, of course).
Welcome Chris Majoros!
Thank you to Matt Blair for cooking a tasty breakfast this morning! It was a great way to welcome Chris Majoros to our team! And, the eggs, sausage and pancakes were fantastic.
Congrats NVCA - First Day of School
Congratulations on the first day of school to North Valley Christian Academy. It was a pleasure working with orcutt | winslow Core Construction and NVCA throughout this whole process.