Congratulations Max Clixby CTS-D Certification

Congratulations to Max Clixby on his amazing achievement, the AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist ― Design [CTS-D] !

Of the 12,000 certified individuals worldwide, there are less than 400 who hold both CTS-D and CTS-I, the coveted and difficult, 'dual certification'. Max is in an elite worlwide class that has the trifecta CTS / CTS - I / CTS - D certifications.

A Certified Technology Specialist ― Design (CTS-D) is an AV systems designer who:

  • Assesses client's needs
  • Designs AV systems
  • Prepares AV design documents
  • Coordinates and collaborates with other professionals to create AV systems that satisfy client's requirements

Installation Manager for Immedia Eric Lind said "Max’s accomplishment is surpassed only by his expertise. People seek him out for professional guidance and by attaining his CTS-D his credentials further stand as reason to 'ask Max'!"

The AV Network, a prominent industry online magazine says, "AVIXA created the CTS-I and CTS-D certifications to address the more advanced and in-depth topics in AV, understanding that the CTS is a mile wide and a foot deep. This is beautiful because, regardless of what someone does in our industry, passing the CTS gives them an understanding of a project life cycle from initial sales contact all the way to service and maintenance."

Now may be the perfect opportunity to utilize Max's unique skills. Get in touch with us to schedule an in-house tech tour or meet & greet to discuss your organization's needs.

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