DM NVX Network AV System

The NVX is a network AV device that comes in 2 form factors, a card and an end point. It can be an encoder or a decoder while transporting 4K60 4:4:4 HDR video over a single network cable. There is no quality degradation while transmitting over the network

According to Immedia Systems Designer Max Clixby [CTS-I], "DM-NVX offers a near-infinitely scalable video solution, while preserving content quality. However, like all AV over IP technologies, a successful deployment requires careful planning of the network architecture. When implemented with the proper switching hardware, configuration, and network services, DM-NVX offers a stable and feature rich video solution that is fully-integrated into the Crestron ecosystem."

Security is one of the big aspects of NVX:

  • AES Encryption - Ensures secure audio and video transmissions. The same protocol banks use to protect transactions on the Internet.
  • 802.1x Authentication - Ensures that every device on the network is explicitly authorized by the IT department.
  • Active Directory® - Centralized credential management ensures that only authorized users gain access, even as administrators join or leave the organization.
  • PKI Authentication - Cryptographically authenticates specific devices and enables secure key exchanges needed for effective AES encryption.
  • SSH Network Protocol - Encrypts and protects command line communications, whereas Telnet, used in other Network AV products, does not.
  • HTTPS - The secure version of HTTP, HTTPS encrypts the data sent between your web browser and the DM NVX web configuration interface, ensuring the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data. The “S” at the end of HTTPS stands for “Secure.”
  • Secure CIP - Ensures communications between Crestron control processors and DM


This product is an encoder and decoder all in one that is configurable to operate as either a network AV decoder or encoder.

Video Performance

It also has Real-Time 4K60 Video Distribution engineered for demanding conference room and classroom applications, DM NVX ensures real-time, full motion 4K60 video performance for the presentation of multimedia, video conferencing, and live camera images.

Signal Management

The DigitalMedia 4K60 Network AV Encoder/Decoder has USB and KVM Integration that allows a complete signal management solution, DM NVX supports the extension of USB signals.

Crestron’s DigitalMedia 4K60 Network AV Encoder/Decoder won a BEST Award under video distribution systems.

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