Internet Of Things + Everything

According to a report by Statista there are 23.14 billion connected devices in 2019. The number is further expected to increase to 30.73 billion by 2020.

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the network of devices that are connected via the Internet. Being connected, such smart devices, which include smart home devices such as smart meters and smart locks, are able to share data among each other, providing benefits such as better quality of life and greater insight into business. The next generation mobile connection technology 5G, with a forecasted number of 1.3 billion subscriptions by 2023, would be a major boost for the application of IoT in everyday life.

According to Cisco, “the Internet of Everything (IoE) is the intelligent connection of people, process, data and things.”

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to most people but the fine line of difference between internet of everything (IoE) and internet of things (IoT) is in the intelligent connection. Internet of things is mostly about physical objects and concepts communicating with each other but Internet of Everything is what brings in network intelligence to bind all these concepts into a cohesive system.

The 'Internet of Everything' builds on the foundation of the “Internet of Things” by adding network intelligence that allows convergence, orchestration and visibility across previously disparate systems."

Luke Simmons provides an ample real life example explaining internet of everything vs. internet of things on “The Internet of Everything connects up all of these separate concepts into one cohesive whole. It’s not just about allowing devices to talk to each other; it’s about allowing everything to talk about each other. In some ways, you can see the Internet of Things as the equivalent of a rail road line, including the tracks and the connections, whereas the Internet of Everything is all of that, and the trains, ticket machines, staff, customers, weather conditions, etc.”

Immedia Integrated Technologies brings together the Internet of Everything & Internet of Things by merging device & solution provider. We do not simply sell the devices nor are we exclusively a support service. This merging takes the ideas even further by bringing in the intelligence of highly qualified and skilled specialists that want to enhance the networkability of the entire system. Immedia's vision is to improve your lives through the innovative use of technology. We believe that every day.

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Acoustics & Sound Control
Many people mistakenly think that the science of acoustics is strictly musical or architectural in nature. Acoustics is defined as the science that deals with the production, control, transmission, reception, and effects of sound. This includes noise control, SONAR for underwater exploration and navigation, ultrasound for medical imaging, electroacoustic communication, architecture, seismology, bioacoustics, and more.