Leyard Planar Certifies Chris Rivera As Authorized Installer!

Congratulations to Christopher Rivera on this amazing opportunity leading Immedia Integrated Technologies further into Leynard Planar high tech!

The LeyardDirectLight® LED Video Wall Certified Installer Training Course is an introduction to the Leyard DirectLight LED Video Wall product family and is designed to prepare attendees for installation of the product. The course begins with a brief overview of the product and models available, then moves into the installation process, including site preparation, mounting, cabinet installation and alignment, source routing set-up, software adjustments and commissioning of the video wall. The course also includes tips and tricks for a successful installation of the product.

Christopher is now a Certified Installers of Leyard DirectLight LED Video Wall Systems and able to:

1)    Recognize and understand the various models and options available in the Leyard DirectLight LED Video Wall product family and how each affects the installation process.

2)    Successfully install, adjust and align the Leyard DirectLight LED cabinets, signal distribution and cabling, to create a custom Leyard DirectLight video wall.

3)    Use the Leyard LED Control Software for set-up, cabinet layout, color settings and seam correction.

Leyard is a global leader in the design, production, distribution and service ofdigital displays, video walls and visualization products worldwide. The Leyard Group of companies and brands, which includes Planar Systems acquired in 2015, is comprised of displays, entertainment and lighting system solutions. Leyard is the number one market share leader in the LED display market and fine pitch LED and offers indoor, outdoor, fixed and creative displays (Futuresource 2017). 

How Long is 50,000 Hours?
The typical lifetime of Leyard and Planar’s LCD display solutions is 50,000 hours. That means that if you turn on a Clarity® Matrix® LCD Video Wall right now, the LCD displays will run for 50,000 hours before they achieve half-brightness (and will continue to run beyond that, of course).
Acoustics & Sound Control
Many people mistakenly think that the science of acoustics is strictly musical or architectural in nature. Acoustics is defined as the science that deals with the production, control, transmission, reception, and effects of sound. This includes noise control, SONAR for underwater exploration and navigation, ultrasound for medical imaging, electroacoustic communication, architecture, seismology, bioacoustics, and more.
Welcome Chris Majoros!
Thank you to Matt Blair for cooking a tasty breakfast this morning! It was a great way to welcome Chris Majoros to our team! And, the eggs, sausage and pancakes were fantastic.