The Greatness & Enjoyment of Video Over IP

An amazing Crestron video shows why sending your organization’s video signals over IP makes sense. It also shows how surprisingly easy it is.

  • No distance limitations — Using the Ethernet, you can send that video signal around the world. Whether it is across buildings, conference rooms across the country or up in the sky, the signals can be reached. Your ambitious plan to distribute digital designs, signage, TV or anything is always available.
  • Your existing network infrastructure can be engaged — You don’t need a new, dedicated AV network to carry this data. Choosing that path will not save you money over the traditional copper or fiber solution. Plus, you want to be able to mix copper, fiber and network AV on the same platform.
  • Scalability —  You buy the encoder/decoder you need, drop it on the network, and add more units at any time. That’s what I mean by easy.  In today’s ecosystem of BYOD, that expand-ability and dependability is essential to keep everyone in a growing company connected and empowered to use their own devices.

Digital Media NVX Series by Crestron

What Is AVB?
Audio Video Bridging (AVB) is the common name for the set of technical standards developed by the IEEE Audio Video Bridging Task Group of the IEEE 802.1 standards committee.
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