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Latest Zoom Room Features
Check out the latest Zoom Room Features to enhance your everyday meeting productivity! #zoom #technews #biztips
JDA New Customer Experience Ceneter
In case you missed it, JDA Software has opened their new Customer Experience Center! We are so proud we got to partner with them on this facility specifically designed for showcasing new technologies!
Signage Helping Big in Education
Education is one of our target markets, and #digitalsignage helps share the message with teachers, students, parents, and the community.
Signage Lessons
If you're using #digitalsignage in your office for #advertising, there are a few things you should know.
Apple Leak
Have you seen what #Apple has planned for their new #iPhones? #technews
Pixel 3XL
Have you seen the new #Pixel 3XL? #technews #GooglePhone
Are you on board with Video Conferencing as a Service (#VCaaS)? #technews
Alexa Tips
In light of recent news about #Alexa, these tips might be helpful. #technews
HomePod Price Drop
If you're an #Apple fan, you may be excited to hear HomePod prices could be dropping soon. #technews
Wi-Fi Boost
While your office may be hardwired with a super-fast internet connection, what about home?
AI Technologies
"AI technologies are rapidly arriving in the conference room." Are you prepared?
Google Duplex
Are you familiar with #Google #Duplex?
Why Digital Signage?
How do you greet customers to your office? #Digitalsignage could transform their experience with your company.
Hangouts Meet
If you're using #Google #Hangouts, be ready to jump into the new #technology: #HangoutsMeet. #technews
Home Theater
Looking to add a #hometheater to your residence? Do you know what to consider beforehand? This article will help.
Earth Day
Happy #EarthDay! We are all about making the most of your experience here on earth through #technology
Samsung Galaxy X
Are you an Apple or Android user? The new Samsung design has just been leaked. #technews #applevandroid #smartphone
CTL ChromeboxCBx1
Have you heard about CTL ChromeboxCBx1 yet? #technews
Ready Player One
Have you seen "Ready Player One"? The fiction may become reality sooner rather than later. #technews
E-commerce Tech Leverage
If you have an e-commerce company, are you leveraging #technology?
Will Facebook Be Deleted?
What are your thoughts on this #Facebook news? Will you seek an alternative for your social media needs? #technews
Balfour Beatty
Check out Balfour Beatty's post on LinkedIn!
Techno Wisdom
Do you and your firm practice "techno wisdom"? #technews
Cheaper MacBook
Less money for a #MacBook? Yes, please! #technews
Dolby Voice Room
Are you familiar with Dolby Voice Room? #officetechnology
Operation Transformation
Totally blown away by Matson Money’s annual event “Operation Transformation”. It is just starting to fill up!
Mac vs Microsoft
Are you more of a Mac person or a Microsoft person? #technology #computers
And you thought 4K was where it's at! #8K #technews
Picture Frame TV
Is it a picture frame? Is it a television display? Look at our latest addition to the office! Picture Frame TV: Samsung, 4K UHD, 4K HDR pro, 4K color extreme, smart hub, smart view.
LG 88" OLED Display
Would you put this in your home or office? It's the world's first 88" OLED display.

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