How Our Employees Score Us: 71.43

Every three months Immedia takes the pulse of the company with eNPS. Our most recent score is above.
We use eNPS to measure the engagement and general happiness of our staff.

So what is a "good" score for eNPS? According to HR Technologist, "An eNPS score can range anywhere from -100 to 100. However, any score above zero is acceptable. Different companies may have different standards. Generally, a score within the bracket of 10 to 30 is considered good and a score of 50 is excellent.
Anything less than -10 should be a warning sign for you."

The Immedia Team

We just have to keep doing what we’re doing.
Depending on what position we are talking about. There are small things in each department that I'm sure can be improved on. But overall everything is awesome in my opinion.
I’m honestly pretty happy and trust the new training, GGOB, FORD, and CSR will take us in the right direction for the future.
Keep on keeping on!
Communication and stronger marketing (strategic and connected across all media, presentations, one pagers, website, etc...)
I love the opportunities Immedia gives their employees to grow and really shine in the area's they are good at. The culture is amazing! You feel like you are working with your friends which has you looking forward to going to work everyday. Would recommend without hesitation.
More parking, bathrooms, and breakfast food.
Cross training in other departments would be great.
Offer more management training for future leaders
Everything has been great!
Keep up the communication on internal movements/projects and continue recognizing our rockstar field crew!!!
Deploy Mac for laptops, adopt a solid cloud storage solution, and have a dedicated space for video production.