How Our Employees Score Us

How do our employees rate us? How can we improve? Read the comments below! On a scale of 0 to 10 our current average score is...

The Immedia Team

Better communication between departments. Create common goals and plaster them on the digital signage so everyone knows the goals and we are all on the same page.
Communication and stronger marketing (strategic and connected across all media, presentations, one pagers, website, etc...)
Pressure those around us to be great everyday.
I was thinking improve D-tools Tasks but the tasks functionality is still in its infancy.
Cross training in other departments would be great.
Continue to implement programs for profitability and continuous improvement. Focus on our client customer satisfaction.
Depending on what position we are talking about. There are small things in each department that I'm sure can be improved on. But overall everything is awesome in my opinion.
Promote from within. Give a clear cut pathway for moving up.
We just have to keep doing what we’re doing.
Everything has been great!
I’m honestly pretty happy and trust the new training, GGOB, FORD, and CSR will take us in the right direction for the future.
Offer more management training for future leaders