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We believe in 100% transparency. We asked our employees to score us with the option of doing so anonymously. The score below represent the likelihood in which our employees would recommend Immedia to friends and colleagues. Take a look at what they said.

Current Score: 9.4/10

The Immedia Team

43 total responses


June 22, 2020
Listen more and let’s not alienate others with differing opinions.
Ricciani Hall
June 21, 2020
Everything has been great!
Joe Soto
June 19, 2020
Getting through Covid will be huge for when the economy fully re-opens, by staying on top of new technologies and remaining highly relevant more so then our competition we could become the only top choice as things return to normal becoming larger then ever before!
Rodney Diamond
June 17, 2020
Not really sure, given the worlds current circumstances. We just have to keep doing what we’re doing.
Keith Aro
June 16, 2020
Communication, is the key to anything worth doing. The communication here is done poorly, or wrong.
June 16, 2020
I’m honestly pretty happy and trust the new training, GGOB, FORD, and CSR will take us in the right direction for the future.
Dylan Ridberg
June 16, 2020
More campaign speeches from Emmons! Getting the Engineering team outside of their den (pre-sales activities, pre-installation site walks, during installation site walks, etc). Pump the brakes on new processes for a hot second and have everyone re-review all the existing departmental QRGs and process docs; they were all created at one time for a good reason and many are not being adhered to, or have simply been forgotten about. Either update them to current practices or train up the staff on what's expected with current documents. MS Teams - it's great that everyone is starting to embrace it, but we need some cohesion to HOW we are all supposed to be using it. GGOB - What does it mean for me (the people want to know!)?
Ryan Kapci
June 15, 2020
Weird small thing but I would love to see Windy City wire back over belden
Ryan Blair
June 15, 2020
Offer more management training for future leaders
Matt Blair
June 5, 2020
Depending on what position we are talking about. There are small things in each department that I'm sure can be improved on. But overall everything is awesome in my opinion.
Adrian Tobar
June 5, 2020
More parking, bathrooms, and breakfast food.
Ben Crow
June 5, 2020
Less focus on blind adherence to process but a slightly more fluid approach to what is needed for a project to pass through all the required phases on its way to completion.
Nate Vandermale