Apr 2020


High-End Multifamily Property Developer

About the project: Trinsic Residential Group develops high-density urban multifamily communities. Through five successful collaborative projects to date, Immedia and Trinsic have formed a marquee partnership in developing gorgeous, state-of-the-art complexes. That said, through understanding the scope of the new property we knew we needed to design a system that was flexible, and one that would provide a seamless experience from anywhere on the property. Our technology presence enabled them to provide tenants & visitors world-class amenities and tech-savvy entertainment areas throughout the facility. With dynamic audio zones, flexible video & audio systems and acoustically-sound environments Immedia brought this to life.

Notable Technology: Our initial research on this property combined with the extensive experience of our team and data from our other projects is used to determine the ideal technology deployment.This 360-unit Class A urban rental community in Tempe draws a dynamic tenant with much reliance on technology. The systems in place pair together many disparate manufacturers to create a fully automated networked solution. The key manufacturers to this success are Biamp, Crestron, Samsung, Tannoy, Sonos, Bose, Lab Gruppen, and SunBrite.


How AV Is Changing The Workplace

Not long ago AV demands in a corporate environment were significantly limited. In hindsight, it truly was a matter of mounting a display and setting up sound in a few meeting rooms and you’re off to the races. With the massive shift in the workplace and progression in technology AV continues to play a larger role in that process.

Now in 2020, AV professionals are becoming UX designers to masterfully manage the overall experience of guests and employees alike through unique digital signage and other way-finding experiences, huddle spaces and various other meeting rooms. At the same time company campuses are expanding. All the networking and controls necessary for making all those new functionalities happen are behind-the-scenes. Understanding how to manage this flow of content delivery, both visually and through sound, is a critical component in getting work done.

With the incredible shift in how people work, AV is not only making it possible but making it ideal to work remotely just as if employees were bound to their cubicle.

Team Collaboration

Unlike in years past where a few large conference rooms were sufficient for gathering staff in most corporate offices, a modern office promotes collaboration through an addition of open spaces and smaller huddle rooms scattered throughout the facility as well. While flat-panel displays were once a costly investment, with the reduction in pricing for these critical collaborative tools there is more opportunity to work together on shared objectives.

User Interface

Tremendous strides in technology paired with high expectations from end-users have put integrators in a position where ‘up’ is the only way to go. All the innovative technologies lead to steeper learning curves and more opportunity for employees to feel intimidated – but that simply won’t cut it in today’s work environment.

Nobody wants to rely on IT to help set up a presentation so a complicated piece of equipment that merely “works” isn’t enough. Now the expectation that the systems we use at work be easy to install, easy to operate, and quite frankly fun to interact with.

What’s to Come?

One thing to keep an eye on is managed AV services. In a recent new trends report, AVIXA notes that “managed AV services have been offered traditionally through the lens of monitoring and maintenance contracts. However, managed services have expanded to include storage and video processing functions, which tie into SaaS (software-as-a-service) offerings. This expanded functionality is a key value-add for pro AV integrators and solution providers, as the channel moves beyond just hardware sales.”

AI is continuing to help us understand how users interact with AV-enhanced environments so we can continue to improve and tailor those experiences to meet their needs.

Over the past decade, AV technology has played a crucial role in how the workplace has changed. How will you help clients adapt to what’s coming next?


Kerri Posan
Project Coordinator
What do you do in this position?
I work with the project manager and foreman to execute our projects.
What is on your personal/professional wishlist for the next 5 years?
Professionally, I’d like to have my PMP and be managing projects on my own. Personally, I want to continue to see the sites around the state, country and world.
Describe your last random act of kindness:
I brought some TP to a coworker in need!
Before working at Immedia, what was the most unusual or interesting job you've ever had?
In 2012 I had the opportunity to work overseas teaching English in South Korea. I was there for a year. It was difficult but rewarding and I am grateful for the experience.
What are your 3 words to describe Immedia?
Evolving, Customer-focused, Collaborative
What are your core values and can you briefly describe how they can impact Immedia’s mission.
I read once that there are only two things you can control – your attitude and your effort. If you stay positive and bring your best to work every day you will do good work and be someone others like to work with. I think my positive attitude and strong work ethic fit into Immedia’s values like a glove.
How does Immedia's vision affect your own life?
It’s great to work for a company that is always striving to bring the best, not afraid to try new things and always stays focused on a shared goal.