Feb 2020


Children's Hospital & Care Provider

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

About the project:  Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Immedia have partnered together for years to improve the collaboration strategy of PCH personnel, and accordingly provide enhanced treatment and service to their patients. This project marked the culmination of an ambitious project to introduce videoconferencing throughout PCH’s administrative spaces, making peer-to-peer and group collaboration as friction-less and streamlined as the experience they provide their patients. 

Notable Technologies By utilizing Zoom as the core collaboration technology, Immedia provided a single control interface for all of the technology spaces in this building, ranging from four-seat huddle rooms up to a large training center that can function as one large space but also four independent rooms.


Simplify Your Business: Standardize Technology

In today’s business, your organization is only as good as its technology. Creating standardized AV and technology systems provides your business more opportunities to remain connected, creating consistency across the office. Simplifying this crucial business asset and/or investing in a standard AV technology system is a smart move – one that can refine and enhance your brand in a multitude of ways. Let’s dive in.

Standardize Your Technology – The Smart Transition

If you were an early adopter of AV technology solutions and currently have more than one office location, often we see each office has its own unique setup – control panels, phones, monitors and even video conferencing platforms.Though this may have worked just fine in previous years, it’s almost certainly decreasing your business’s efficiency and capacity to collaborate. Having separate AV technology systems across multiple locations or perhaps even within one building can create serious problems – and that’s where standardization comes in.

Standardizing both your systems and configurations ensures consistency across the company. It guarantees the ideal and consistent AV technology solution for your organization no matter the location. Managing an array of different AV technology components can lead to major system breakdown and/or costly lapses in operations. Minimize the difficulties that stem from using more than one AV technology system by standardizing. Benefits of doing so include:

Improved Team Member Mobility & Understanding:

Employees at different locations no longer need to learn the ins and outs of new equipment when switching or visiting locations. With consistent equipment across the board operating can continue without interruption no matter where they travel.

Troubleshooting Becomes Much Simpler:

With one AV technology system, IT teams are able to troubleshoot problems faster with less hassle as they continue learning and getting to know your standard systems. Without having to investigate new systems they can get in and out in a hurry.

AV Technology Management:

If systems are standardized remote monitoring is possible making managing your systems a breeze. You will be able to oversee the infrastructure of your AV technology systems and provide support in an efficient manner.

Cohesive Systems Make Things Easier:

It’s much easier managing a single system compared to forcing multiple systems to work together. Uniform hardware, software and operating systems significantly increase business efficiency.

Now more than ever, being able to communicate and collaborate quickly and efficiently is essential to optimizing business performance. Whether you're planning to facilitate greater communication internally or exceed client expectations by way of customer service, having the right tools is critical.Choosing the right standardized AV technology system can be a daunting task – you must evaluate your current system, define the goals for unifying your AV technology for the future, and partner with an organization that has the knowledge and experience to provide your organization with the solution that’s right for you. Standardizing your AV technology systems will significantly make your life easier. Immedia is here to help!


Kraemer Soto
Project Accountant
What do you do in this position?
I’m in charge of keeping track of the financial aspects of the projects we do at Immedia. Whether it’s invoicing, record keeping, ledger reporting, compliance reporting and/or reconciling, if it has something to do with the finances of the project, I’m a part of it.
What is on your personal/professional wishlist for the next 5 years?
My personal goal for myself is just to ultimately be happy and enjoy life. Not look back and regret things; live life to its fullest. For professional, I want to be the very best accountant I can be. I want to continue to learn and grow.
Describe your last random act of kindness:
Help clean up after the events of client engagements here at Immedia
Before working at Immedia, what was the most unusual or interesting job you've ever had?
I was an intern with the Arizona Diamondbacks!
What are your 3 words to describe Immedia?
Spectacular, Exciting, Successful
What are your core values and can you briefly describe how they can impact Immedia’s mission.
My core values are being Persistent, Passionate, and Prepared. I believe the “3 Ps” as I like to say can greatly impact Immedia’s values. Being Persistent is similar to being relentless in that we will never give up until the job is done and the customer is happy. Passionate is enjoying what you do every day and have that “fire” to succeed. Being prepared is the final value and I believe if you want to succeed you need to be ready and plan out anything and everything to get you to that point.
How does Immedia's vision affect your own life?
Being innovative and Accounting doesn’t seem like they would go together but they actually really do! Whether it is streamlining the process in Excel or just how I go about contacting and emailing clients, finding a new way to think and do things is always fun!