Mar 2020


Customer Engagement Platform

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

About the project: Sendoso is an innovative company whose founders set out on a mission to build the world’s first Sending Platform: a comprehensive solution for sourcing, storing,shipping, and measuring ROI for anything a business ever needs to send. With Sendoso, direct mail touches became a seamless and instant experience. When Immedia was approached to design & execute the vision for their Scottsdale HQ office, we knew we needed something easy, intuitive, and just as innovative as the company we were serving. We landed with a streamlined solution that provides user with consistent experiences across all rooms. Sendoso is a Zoom house, which is an imperative method of communication as they’re constantly coordinating with clients, partners, and employee’s allover across the globe. Additionally, we were able to provide a multipurpose break room/ bar which doubles as an All Hands space. By providing the users rooms that are simple, scaleable, and repeatable, we were able to ensure each day at work is comprised of easy communication and well-suited solutions

Notable Technologies: All 5 of the smaller conference rooms and the large executive conference room were outfitted as Zoom Rooms with the latest conferencing hardware. It allows them one-touch conferencing, wireless share and auto-switch. Their All-Hands on the 11th floor penthouse is a very exciting space from the view they have over Old town Scottsdale and the valley below, to the multi-purpose AV system that includes Zoom Room functionality with wireless mics, PTZ cameras, overhead audio, system control all showcased on a 98” Planar display. The entire penthouse also has the ability to have background music and sound-masking evenly distributed throughout the office.


The Importance of Sound Masking

Offices, no matter the shape or size, can get noisy. Even with the doors closed, sound can still travel through the walls, or creep through small spaces. Though it may not seem like a big deal in certain instances, in places like legal or healthcare offices precautions must be taken to remote the potential risk of eavesdropping, accidental or not. Even in a traditional office environment, excessive noise can be a major distraction and effectively decreased organizational productivity.

Sound masking solves that problem. Sound masking involves introducing neutral sounds, such as white noise, into an environment to cover up other sounds in an area. While it has a variety of applications, perhaps the most common involves open office environments. The white noise they provide can even be turned to a specific portion of the sound spectrum, blocking human speech while still allowing other types of noise to remain heard. Let’s look at some reasons why sound masking can be necessary.

Privacy and Productivity

Sound masking in open office environments ensures privacy. People may often discuss sensitive issues in these spaces; for instance, in a law firm or a healthcare facility, client privacy is not just a priority, but a legal necessity.

Not only does sound masking ensure privacy, it can impact work performance! By eliminating outside distractions, sound masking has shown to increase productivity by around 20%. The better your employees can concentrate, the more efficient they’ll be able to perform.

Sound Masking vs. Soundproofing

Why not just soundproof the effected space? First of all, effective soundproofing is expensive. Typically, it means a complete overhaul of your building. You can try retrofitting a room with ‘soundproof’ panels, but in many cases, they will barely muffle the noise, much less eliminate at.

On the other hand, sound masking is an inexpensive and effective tool for eliminated noise. If you do manage to accurately soundproof your space, then you’ll simply block out all noise indiscriminately blocking out all noise – if there’s outside noise that needs to be heard, such as an alarm, you’re out of luck. With sound masking however, you are able to target human voice specifically, without affecting the rest of the sound spectrum.

There are many benefits to sound masking in open office environments, but the main one is that they provide peace of mind: guaranteed privacy, elimination of distracting outside noise, and knowing it’s cost-efficient, simple and effective. Regardless of market, sound masking is an important upgrade to any facility.


Beau Bellgraph
Chief Technologist
What do you do in this position?
I help the programming department and keep Immedia innovative with the way we implement technology both in-house and for our clients.
What is on your personal/professional wishlist for the next 5 years?
Personal, to keep growing as a father. In general, help myself and the people around me become better people.
Describe your last random act of kindness:
Wow, this is a tough one... probably paying for the next guy in line behind me in a fast-food line.
Before working at Immedia, what was the most unusual or interesting job you've ever had?
I worked in Film for 5 years. I have a few Camera department credits for Feature-length and short films, a TV show, and even a couple episodes of a web series.
What are your 3 words to describe Immedia?
Motivated, Ambitious, Driven
What are your core values and can you briefly describe how they can impact Immedia’s mission.
Family is important to me, and with the culture here, treating the clients with the mentality of them being family helps us provide the next level of service. Integrity, being an honest person and sticking to that, will also help us provide the right solution every time.
How does Immedia's vision affect your own life?
I try to stay current on the innovations of technology in my own life, in my home, and in my free time with my love of Science Fiction movies (after all some truth lies behind even the most far fetched of ideas)