May 2019



LocationBlack Stone Golf Community, Peoria AZ

A premier, private gated community set within the 7,100 acre master planned community of Vistancia, offers residents an intimate, natural Sonoran desert setting amongst a spectacular mountain and golf course backdrop with scenic views from every home.

About the project – This project was a new build custom house. We pre-wired the house for everything from AV to Network. The final equipment included, HVAC control,Lighting throughout the house, Crestron Video distribution, Crestron audio distribution and total house control on hand held remotes and Crestron iPad app’s.

Notable technologies included with descriptionsCrestron DM video distribution, Crestron C2N amps, Crestron CLW series lighting and Crestron TSTAT’s.


Acoustics & Sound Control

It’s important to know that in order to put the most advanced technology in a room, the room must be acoustically sound. Often times, a conference room can be the most over looked space when it comes to considering the acoustic functionality. Imagine a conference room with glass, floor to ceiling walls, large displays, a hard surface table, and polished cement floors; it sounds topnotch, but in reality all those materials reflect sound. What that means is the sound is bouncing around the room with nowhere to be absorbed; this is called Reverberation Time.

The term "room acoustics" typically brings to mind spaces where music is performed and recorded: concert halls, recording studios and scoring stages, for example. While acoustics are especially important to the success of these spaces, a much wider variety of facilities benefits from well-designed acoustics. Lecture and convention halls, classrooms, board rooms, council chambers, courtrooms, places of worship, theaters, cinemas and broadcast studios all depend on their acoustical quality. Speech intelligibility is essential in all of these spaces.

When considering a design, we recommend installing sound-absorbing materials first then adding technology.

·      Aim for having at least 15% of the wall surface covered with acoustic panels for the best result.

·      Irregular shaped rooms help benefit the room.

·      Both high and low frequencies alike need to be removed, or absorbed

·      Absorptive materials reduce the amount of sound ricocheting from the various hard surfaces.

·      Acoustical ceiling tile can keep the overall aesthetics of a room while still providing improvements.

·      Wall-mounted panels are available in variety of appealing choices.

Acoustical conditions profoundly impact human performance in an office setting. Often, a company has invested a lot in the technology to make these rooms effective. Making sure the acoustics are conducive to technology-rich meetings are key.  

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MaryBeth Hale
What do you do in this position?
I take the money and I spend the money!
What is on your personal/professional wishlist for the next 5 years?
To see Immedia grow and show the Southwest the Rockstars that we are!!
Describe your last random act of kindness:
Sent encouraging texts to a friend struggling with personal issues
Before working at Immedia, what was the most unusual or interesting job you've ever had?
Sales Representative for a waste hauling company in Illinois (I sold trash services)
What are your 3 words to describe Immedia?
Friendly, Exciting, Fast-Paced
What are your core values and can you briefly describe how they can impact Immedia’s mission.
My core values are Integrity, Loyalty, Compassion, Determination and Respect. I believe my core values line up with Immedia’s mission in that I will walk the walk, not just talk the talk and stay focused on building our company to be the best that it can be in every department both for the external and internal customers that I deal with on a daily basis.
How does Immedia's vision affect your own life?
I’m not the most technology savvy person. I do good to use my cell phone for anything but calling.