Nov 2019


Leading International Mining Company

Location: Morenci, Arizona

About the project: The client wanted to upgrade old, very limited equipment that was no longer supported. They came to us to install new displays and refresh old ones to match in order to create consistency around the entire space.

Notable Technologies: 3x10 Planar video wall, (2) 1x4 Planar video walls, Planar 49” VM series displays, Planar Video wall processing


AV Design Matters

AV is no longer just in conference rooms, hotel lobbies, or the table at your favorite restaurant. It’s safe to say that consumers are beginning to expect AV systems everywhere. Industries of all kinds are embracing AV and the design of these systems matters just as much as the technical aspects of the installation. Systems technical and functional aspects must work seamlessly with the design to ensure an unforgettable user experience.
Let’s peek into how AV design can transform the sectors you work in most.

Hospitality: From hotel lobbies to sport's arena’s AV design is a cornerstone in the hospitality space as it plays a significant role in visitor interaction with your brand. For instance, strategically placed touchscreens can help guests book reservations, locate nearby attractions, or even provide wayfinding within the building. Remember, the design is the focal point, with the layers of signal management, routing, control, and installation play a supportive role in enhancing the end user’s experience.

Education: AV design in the education sector has great growth potential as well. Collaboration is key in education, as integrators must work together with clients to ensure data is transported without interruption. Messaging is constantly changing, meaning these systems must be accessible and usable. As the expert, the integrators must design systems that accommodate all these needs.

Restaurants: From self-serve kiosks to digital menu boards your clients can experience signage that can be changed quickly, transitioning from menu to menu, design to design, deepening on the time of day or season. The opportunity for helping in the design process is huge; make the menu easier to read for your customers and make changes to it in minutes!

Now more than ever it’s not just about installing the latest and greatest technology; it’s about designing a system that gives you everything you dreamed of and more without sacrificing your understanding of how it works.


Cody Scott
Manager, Client Development
What do you do in this position?
My role is to pursue strategic opportunities to develop new business and cultivate relationships with our clients.
What is on your personal/professional wishlist for the next 5 years?
Professionally: to play a vital role in helping Immedia grow to be the most sought-after technology provider in the Southwest while maintaining our commitment to improving the lives of our clients through technology. Personally: would love to travel outside of the US and pack life full of adventure.
Describe your last random act of kindness:
I covered the bill for a police officer behind me in line at Einstein Bagel.
Before working at Immedia, what was the most unusual or interesting job you've ever had?
Working for the ASU football team. I’d show up at 3am and help prepare for their practices. My favorite part was being the only person in the stadium and showing up early just to wander around.
What are your 3 words to describe Immedia?
Innovative, talented, passionate
What are your core values and can you briefly describe how they can impact Immedia’s mission.
Top values for me are courage, service, and a do-the-next-right-thing mentality. I know these values can help Immedia’s mission because if we see what we do while at work as an opportunity to practice doing the next right thing, we’ll end up building some meaningful relationships with our clients by putting them first. We see it every day and I think it is this culture that sets us apart.
How does Immedia's vision affect your own life?
Technology has made things much easier for me, gives me more time to do what is important, and eliminates the potential for human error in everyday tasks. For example, I can speak a text message into my phone via Bluetooth while I am driving which helps keeps eye on the road. Another example is having remote control access to electronics in my home so I can schedule my lights / devices to turn on and off at specific times which can save money if I tend to forget to turn off lights.