High School Technology Upgrades

Phoenix, Arizona
AV Budget:
Notable Technology

Multipurpose Room:

  • Digital Signage Wall comprised of four 70” flat panel displays and two 60” displays
  • NEC 5500 Lumen LCD Projector shown on a 164” Drager in-ceiling screen to display content
  • Extron amplifier and nine JBL speakers – ensures audio is evenly distributed and allows PUEA to utilize wireless microphones
  • Crestron Media Presentation controller

14 Classrooms:

  • Control systems and Extron amplifier, integrate four Listentech in-ceiling speakers and a teacher microphone
  • Promethean 65” cable LED touchscreen display with a built-in tuner and speakers, and a Casio 3500 lumen LCD projector

Remaining Rooms: (Lobby/Conference rooms/Offices/Computer Lab)

  • Multiple displays throughout, each with the appropriate media sources and configuration as the multipurpose room. Displays including the following:
  • 65” 1080p ActivPanel Touch LCD 
  • 55” MondoPad LCD
  • Sharp 60in LCD

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