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PVUSD Culinary

Paradise Valley Unified School District (PVUSD) is a school district serving northeast Phoenix Arizona, and Scottsdale Arizona. It is the seventh largest school district in Arizona, serving 32,000 students. PVUSD serves students in kindergarten through grade twelve with thirty elementary schools (K-6th), seven middle schools (7th-8th), five high schools (9th-12th), two alternative schools, and a K-12 online school, PVOnline. They offer a plethora of options for students to engage in. Some of these options include Core Knowledge, S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), Digital Learning Center, fine arts, career and technical education, and extra-curricular activities. Paradise Valley Unified School District goal is to “cultivate, lead and inspire world-class, innovative thinkers and expert communicators through a focus on the relationship between educator and student built around challenging, meaningful and engaging curriculum.”

The client wanted to create a culinary lab that provided students with a means of effective and focused learning. PVUSD wanted to implement various audio and video technologies to create a space with ultimate control and extensive audio + visual capabilities. They had the plan to incorporate these plans within two (2) banquet rooms, a culinary kitchen, two test kitchens, and an early childhood learning classroom. PVUSD put their faith in Immedia to transform their facilities into an immersive educational experience for all faculty and students.

The two (2) banquets rooms include a control system, an audio system, and a display. The only difference between the two banquet rooms is the display within it; one contains an NEC 4500 Lumen LCD projector paired with a Draper Access M 109-inch diagonal projector screen and the other contained a Sharp 60” 1080 LED display with a built-in tuner and speakers. The Projector was mounted by Premier Mounts over-grid ceiling mount with a false ceiling equipment enclosure, while the Sharp display was mounted using Premier Mounts tilting wall mount. Both of these rooms have one (1) Extron 12ft micro VGA with audio and one (1) Extron 12ft ultra flexible HDMI cable that can be used in conjunction with the display and projector. However, the most iconic piece of each of these rooms is the unique flexibility to eliminate the barriers between the two rooms and combine them into one large banquet room. In the event that the two rooms are merged the projector and sharp display can present content from the same source. To provide audio to the two banquet rooms nine (9) Tannoy in-ceiling speakers were installed in each room to ensure even audio distribution. To provide audio inputs two Covid wall plates are put in place with two (2) RCA connectors with auxiliary inputs and two (2) TRS 1/4in phone jacks. To control this room an Apple iPad programmed with a Creston control app is mounted to the wall. This user-friendly and intuitive interface allows PVUSD the control over the entire audio-visual system including system power, source selection, audio volume and so on.

The culinary kitchen incorporates three (3) Vaddio CeilingView cameras with in-ceiling recessed enclosures over the teaching zone prep tables. These cameras enable pan, tilt and zoom capabilities and are controlled by Vaddio’s AutoPresenter using 6 ceiling mounted sensors. Alongside the cameras are two (2) 60in Sharp 1080P LED displays mounted using Premiers ceiling mount. These displays can show content from any of the video sources coming from PVUSD. This is possible through Crestron Digital Media 8” matrix switcher installed within the kitchen. This is used to select and route any video sources over Cat6a to any display in the kitchen or banquet rooms. An iPad with the Crestron control application is used to control the system power and source selection within the culinary kitchen. The two test kitchens are similar in functionality, although the camera is a Vaddio WallView HD-22 and the display system differs slightly in that they contain one (1) 60in Sharp 1080 LED display and one (1) 70in 1080 LED display both mounted with Premiers wall mounts. These displays can show content from any source but is primarily used for live feeds from the Vaddio Cameras or from the laptop input plate. Lastly, the Early Childhood Learning Classroom was given a SMARTboard and Covide wall-mounted plate for HDMI and VGA audio input to allow for teachers to connect and use other devices in the classroom.

The client wanted to create a culinary lab that provided students with a means of effective and focused learning.

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