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Special systems

Immedia’s team of certified engineers and technicians take pride in developing versatile, organized and powerful cabling systems that enhance productivity and support future business development and growth. Installing and certifying cables per the ANSI/TIA/EIA standards for consistency is key for enhanced performance and speed of the network. Furthermore, Immedia designs state-of-the-art communications infrastructure systems that help ensure businesses have a reliable and flexible solution to accommodate a wide range of communication requirements that meet all business needs and even plan for future business needs.

Many businesses have a desire or need to increase security in certain areas of their office to protect company employees or assets. Immedia understands these needs and installs the access control systems that regulate all movement of people throughout the facility. This electronic equipment is used to identify authorized personnel, deny access to an unauthorized person and even allow a business to recall all information at each point of access that is stored within the system’s database.These systems can be installed for single or
multi-door systems, multi building networks and include proximity and bio metric readers to ensure accurate data across all facilities is recorded and available when necessary.

The IP/CCTV security camera systems Immedia installs help improve an owner’s ability to keep the people and the property safe. IP based systems are digital, while CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems are analog based. The qualified and experienced Immedia team designs and installs all levels of surveillance including IP and wireless camera networks, monitoring rooms and device integration across commercial,residential or educational facilities. Immedia also utilizes newer web based technologies such as facial recognition and video analytics to further assist the owner with the challenges of monitoring larger facilities.

When a business needs additional cellular coverage through out their facility, Immedia collaborates with the client by evaluating the environment and providing a customized, recommended wireless solution from a team of engineers. Immedia then, professionally installs the system, from the cellular amplifier, cable pathways to the antennas;to ensure the facility cellular signal is improved and provides additional capacity. Installing DAS can also allow for signals to be brought from outside to an underground area, such as a parking garage as well.Guaranteeing a company has improved cellular coverage will increase efficiencies and staff productivity with a larger coverage area to run the business effectively.

Most businesses need a wireless local-area network (LAN) to ensuredevices such as laptops and phones, can connect to the Internet and the business’s network and applications from anywhere within the company’s wireless network coverage area. In conjunction with certifying the structured cabling within a facility, Immedia also sets up the wireless network capabilities to allow for better employee mobility and connectivity throughout the facility. Wireless networks provide an additional convenience for employees and increase productivity by encouraging collaboration throughout the office.

Sound masking is simply the process of adding ambient sound to a room to make the room seem quieter and to make human speech unintelligible. Immedia’s qualified team of technicians install sound masking for businesses that are looking to eliminate employee distractions, increase productivity and protect confidential conversations and reduce liabilities. Furthermore, collaboration becomes easier within the work environment as well, as it can typically be noisy to meet with several co-workers at one time, however, now collaboration and a peaceful work environment can coexist with proper sound masking installed.

Immedia is also well-versed in adding flexible and productive communication systems to an office by installing intercom and paging systems throughout the facility. Intercoms are particularly beneficial in emergency situations that need to be announced across the office.While paging systems are typically utilized in a hospital or school environment.

Special Systems Services
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