Our Process


During this visit, we will capture the required technical information and discuss options on how to overcome any obstacles that may be present. Next, our team will start assembling solutions and engineering a complete system for a presentation. Afterward, it will be presented with the solution(s) in a collaborative environment with the stakeholders to adjust or refine the scope of work. Then present a final version of the project, which will include a complete proposal, scope of work, a visual scope of work, and equipment location drawings, and finally the specifications of each piece of equipment to be installed. After review of the entire design, with your signature of approval, we immediately begin to interface with both your facilities and its personnel to schedule meetings to move the project forward.



This process begins with a thorough needs assessment survey which is best when a visit to the site is done to gather all of the information. The process of selecting the right products to achieve the highest level of uptime is our goal. At Immedia we put every new product and manufacturer through a comprehensive testing and certification process. Our goal is to design solutions that last a lifetime and in order, to that we only select manufacturers that will stand with us behind their products. Immedia's design and engineering teams work closely with our project management and installation divisions to provide them with all of the tools necessary to realize each client's wishes for effective & inspiring communication. Our job is not complete until the designs are brought to fruition and the customer is in agreeance 100%.



Our installation process begins well before our technicians arrive on site. In the days and weeks leading up to the actual installation, our technicians along with the assigned Project Manager and Sales Consultant meet to review the designs and discuss potential obstacles. Before our installation crew arrives on site they visit each job site with the Project Manager in an effort to familiarize themselves with the lay of the land, along with formally meeting with our client. Once the project has moved to the installation phase our crew works incessantly to ensure the project is finished on time. Immedia’s project certification process ensures that the final installation has been checked not just once, but three times. Our Lead Installation Technician thoroughly tests each system followed by our highly qualified programmers. At the conclusion of the preliminary testing, our Installation Manager rounds out the testing by performing a full system certification using an Infocomm approved certification application. By the time the final certification is completed the client is delivered a fully tested, certified and properly functioning system.

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