Understanding The Process

Here at Immedia we strive for ultimate transparency to ensure your understanding of where we are throughout the lifetime of your project. We understand how critical communication is and how quickly things can slip through the cracks but here at Immedia one of our top priorities is keeping you informed and providing you with peace of mind through transitional periods of your project.


All great things start as ideas; we understand how exciting it is for these ideas to eventually come to fruition but rather than jump the gun and produce a sub-par finished project or entirely 'miss the mark', we take the time to introduce ourselves and discuss exactly what it means to partner with us and what you can expect. We strongly believe in transparency and truly strive to do one thing above all else: to improve the lives of our clients through the innovative use of technology. During this phase we love to show you through our office, giving you insight and scenarios on how and when you might utilize some of the powerful technology we have on display. Above all else, we aim to fully understand what your technology & functionality needs are and what your budget looks like so we can create appropriate designs for your potential system(s).


What technology should be used? How should things be set up to yield the best user experience? The biggest wow factor? These are just a few of the questions that our designers not only answer, but can visually demonstrate in every project design. Through our streamlined approach & long-standing expertise, our design team maximizes the potential of your fully-integrated systems. Our designer's main focus lies within laying the groundwork for flexibility & longevity of the solution you envision. As the premier audio visual solutions provider in the southwestern United States, our designers and engineers strive to create systems that save you time and bring you an exceptional return on your investment.


During the presentation phase of your project, we discuss the preliminary budget guidelines and begin molding the solution that best suits your vision. Our sales & engineering teams work together to generate written and visual scopes of work that represent the solutions you envision. We are very meticulous during this phase as we guarantee 100% transparency - our sales team will review these documents with you in person to answer any questions you may have and to avoid any confusion. We don't just want to ensure delivery of your system(s), we strive to exceed expectations no matter the size of the project, big or small.


We see it all too often; projects that are not appropriately planned for and drawn out either take longer than expected to complete, need excessive love & care, or even worse, never truly turn out to be what you envisioned. Before even a single piece of equipment is installed we develop equipment layouts, system drawings, and elevation drawings to guarantee consistency from start to finish. We understand your concern for discrepancies, so we make it a priority to accurately develop and remain consistent with all pre-installation drawings and layouts so you can be confident the solution you're getting is exactly what you envisioned.


During this phase, our team is focused on cabling, support structure, rack building, terminations, and equipment installation. Our project management and installation teams work together to ensure equipment is delivered on-time & installed efficiently and accurately. With 18 full-time technicians (most in town) we can work together to efficiently complete installations.


Contrary to popular belief, programming starts well before any "code" is written or any system is configured. Our team of programmers begin by establishing a user interface look and flow, and by ensuring the system design and device selection support our client's needs. During this stage of the project, the programming team transforms the written vision into tangible reactionary solutions. They possess knowledge about signal flow, RS-232 and IP configurations, network configuration, and any system control and third-party devices. Whether it is generating traditional code, configuring control systems, or developing custom user interfaces, our programmer's expertise is essential to the success of every one of our projects.


We take pride in the work we do. When the equipment is installed and programming finishes, our job is not done. Immedia takes the time to certify every room on every single project we complete, and that even includes in-house projects at our corporate office in Scottsdale. Our certification team completes a full system functionality check as well as a safety check to guarantee our adherence to AV performance standards. We use Avixa APEX standards as the base guideline to certify every room but take it even a step further with our company standards and testing procedures.


While certifying that the technology works as expected is crucial, understanding how to use said technology is equally as important. Upon completion of every project, trainees are identified and training is scheduled to educate clients on everything they need to know regarding the installed systems. We have a dedicated training team that is available after every project is complete should you need any additional training on your newly installed systems. If necessary, we will also develop QRG's (Quick Reference Guide) specifically for the client's systems as reference material.


In a world where technology is always changing, systems need constant care and attention. Too often we see businesses spend money on technology but fail to invest in proper protection for it. With ImmediaCare™ we provide regular equipment maintenance to help extend the life of your systems, while also offering several other services given the ImmediaCare™ package you select. Across our various packages, our CET (Customer Experience Team) support things such as response to trouble calls, preventative maintenance, remote support, meeting support, and phone support. From the moment you call we handle everything from start to finish!