Total Cost Of Ownership

We approach every project with a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) mindset to ensure our clients get the most out of their investment. We maintain this focus by adhering to 5 Value Propositions to guarantee the lowest total lifetime cost on every project.
Through these 5 value propositions our Total Cost Of Ownership helps you to understand exactly how your technology works and ensures the health of the system(s) is maintained. Imagine walking into a conference room and wasting multiple minutes figuring out how to get a meeting started; think of the time & resources being wasted just getting the room ready! Let us transform that experience into a simpler, stress-free, one-touch solution so you can save time & money and get back to more important things... the meeting itself!
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We ensure that all our installed solutions are designed to disappear into the routine of your everyday life.
Can you afford for your technology to not be easy to use?
5 minutes waiting for a room to work
6 employees at $50/hour
5 meetings/day

- $32,500/year
*This calculation is based on ONE conference room and signifies the amount of money you are losing getting meetings started every year.


We perform a proprietary pass/fail certification on every piece of equipment that exceeds the only 2 ANSI standards that manage the AV industry and guarantees the original intent for use.
Why is the APEx Certification necessary in AV Technology installation?
  • Balanced sound systems with a +/- 2db variance
  • Properly dressed and labeled cables
  • Separated power and signal cabling
  • Displays are mounted according to industry standards
  • User interfaces match performance specifications


We partner with you to ensure at least 1 person in every meeting has the knowledge to make your technology perform impeccably.
Is understanding your technology and how to use it important to you?

We make sure at least one 'key player' knows exactly how to work the installed technology.

We create training cheat sheets to leave in every room with step-by-step instructions on how the technology works.


We only specify equipment from manufacturers with a proven track record or equipment that has been thoroughly vetted in our own office by our tech team.
Do you want the equipment installed in your office to be tested and proven?

We only specify equipment from manufacturers with a proven track record.

We have been an authorized Crestron dealer since 2005.


We never settle for simply satisfied customers; we strive for loyalty. Which is why we have the fastest response times and highest rated support personnel in Arizona.
Our Customer Experience Program Includes:
  • Phone support
  • Support dashboard
  • Service Operation Center (SOC)
  • GPS - we have 24/7 access to view the locations of all service tech's in the field and can dispatch local tech's for quick support
  • Replacement gear stocked in the Immedia Warehouse for quick replacements
  • Opportunity to Excel (OTE) helps us troubleshoot issues and resolve them to the fullest extent
70% of all service calls are resolved on the first visit
85 team members fully dedicated to Audio-Visual
2.4 days, on average, to close a service ticket
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*This number signifies the amount of money you are losing EVERY YEAR just getting meetings started*