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August 29, 2023
Welcome new Installation Technician II, Chris Davis!
Chris Davis, an experienced Installation Technician II, joined our team on August 2, 2023.
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August 29, 2023
Welcome new Chief People Officer, Collette Mathé!
Immedia has confirmed the appointment of Collette Mathé as the new Chief People Officer, effective August 7, 2023.
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August 29, 2023
Welcome new Staff Accountant, Julissa Richards!
Immedia welcomes the latest member to our team, Julissa Richards in the role of Staff Accountant, effective from July 10, 2023.
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August 29, 2023
Immedia on the Move
Growth is more than just a buzzword to us: it's an essential part of our ethos. It empowers us to continue improving our products and services, ensuring we always deliver the best to our customers.
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August 25, 2023
Take a New Approach: Let Your Room Use Case Tell You What You Need
Every AV-equipped room we produce is intentionally constructed - and we don’t just think about the AV. We take a holistic approach, considering the room as a whole, including its needs, and all its unique use cases.
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August 24, 2023
Auto-Tracking vs. Auto Framing: How it Impacts “Zoom Fatigue”
Conferencing fatigue, more commonly referred to as “Zoom fatigue,” is a modern-day challenge we're all grappling with. It's the result of having to concentrate harder during video calls, missing out on non-verbal cues, struggling with audio clarity, and having to stay extra alert to absorb the same information as those physically present.
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August 24, 2023
Four Cameras in One: Crestron Videobar 70
Imagine effortlessly capturing your entire medium or large conference room with a single device. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing scattered cameras, microphones, and speakers and instead embrace the convenience of a unified solution that will do the work for you.
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August 14, 2023
What is a Zoom Room?
There are plenty of online conferencing platforms that make video meetings a breeze, with Zoom being the most popular. But today, many companies are taking these video-based solutions a step further with the development of “Zoom Rooms.”
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August 1, 2023
Crestron Trailblazes Hoteling Solutions
With the rise of remote work, hoteling desk spaces are now a favored solution for both businesses and employees. Yet, this new norm brings with it new challenges, including unoccupied space and scheduling issues.
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July 31, 2023
How Easy is it to Start a Meeting?
We’ve all been there—stuck spending five to ten minutes setting up a virtual conference meeting. In the fast-paced world of business, time is an invaluable asset.
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July 29, 2023
Acoustics is Art.
There’s a fascinating aspect of the audiovisual world that intentionally goes unnoticed: acoustics. What may initially seem like artistic wall décor adding personality to a room is in fact foam acoustic materials engineered for sound absorption.
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July 26, 2023
It’s All in the Details
There’s so much more to AV than meets the eye – and that’s intentional.At Immeida, we select products that are designed to disappear into the decor of a space.
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July 26, 2023
You Can Bet On Us, They Did!
We recently completed a project we’re particularly proud of - a spectacular new casino in Arizona. You could say we played our best hand, overseeing the design development, budgeting, and creation of an audio-visual experience promised to mesmerize guests.
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July 26, 2023
Sound Advice.
With Shure’s MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone, you no longer have to speak “up” in your hybrid and conference meetings. That’s because up above you sits a state-of-the-art microphone ready to catch every word you say, loud and clear.
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July 26, 2023
We’ve Seen a Thing or Two
The way businesses operate has drastically changed. With a dispersed workforce and the rise of hybrid workmodels, companies are feeling the pressure to invest in technology that supports seamless virtual connections and productivity.
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July 25, 2023
Senior Programmer at Immedia Integrated Technologies, Felipe Valls, Earns Renowned Crestron Gold Certification
Immedia Integrated Technologies (Immedia, LLC), announced today Felipe Valls, senior programmer, earned the Crestron Programmer Gold Certification.
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June 22, 2023
Immedia, a Leading Technology Integrator, Joins the New Southwest Experience Center in Scottsdale
We are excited to announce Immedia is relocating to the Southwest Experience Center, a cutting-edge collaborative showroom in Scottsdale, Arizona, powered by over 40 workspace industry leaders.
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June 22, 2023
Microsoft Front Row: Bridging the Gap Between In-Person and Virtual Meeting Participants on Microsoft Teams Rooms Systems
Recognizing the increasing significance of video conferencing, providers are incorporating features that combat fatigue, boost retention, and enhance engagement. Introducing Microsoft Teams Front Row, an innovative meeting layout available on Microsoft Teams Rooms systems.
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June 22, 2023
How Immedia Enhanced AZ Utility Provider’s Workspace
A major Arizona-based utility provider has chosen to work closely with Immedia for their Microsoft Teams meeting room migration and support.
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June 22, 2023
NEW TECH: The new Avocor 105” 21:9 Display debuts at Immedia’s New Headquarters
Immedia is constantly seeking cutting-edge solutions that improve communication and collaboration within office spaces. The Avocor 105" 21:9 ultra-wide touch-screen display is one such revolutionary product that has already generated market buzz, and we are thrilled to announce it’s first-ever public debut at Immedia’s new offices in the Southwest Experience Center in Scottsdale, AZ.
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April 20, 2022
Poly Research Says Nearly 60 Percent of Employers Believe They Will Lose New and Existing Employees If They Don't Figure Out Hybrid Work
Build a better blueprint for hybrid work by providing employees with the pro-grade gear that empowers everyone to do their best work.
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March 4, 2022
AV-as-a-Service: Is It Right for Your Business?
Everyone has gotten used to a subscription model for technology, from streaming movies and music to software suites and creative platforms. But can this “as-a-service” format crossover to the world of AV and is it right for your business? Keep reading to learn more.
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February 23, 2022
Intelligent Video is The Future of Creating Inclusivity in The Hybrid Workspace
Intelligent video is critical to a successful meeting experience. In the hybrid work setting, it is all about the experience of the person who is deploying the system, the users interacting within the space, and the user on the other end of the video.
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January 5, 2022
Immedia Breaks Ground on New Office Building in North Scottsdale
Immedia’s High-Tech Two-Story Office Building in Scottsdale is the First Project to Kick Off the New Year for Arizona-based LGE Design Build
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November 12, 2021
Voice of the Customer: Why we use Immedia for Every Workplace Technology Installation
What’s the secret? How do we earn the trust of our partners not just for one project but for ALL OF THEM? Read on to hear what Immedia customers have to say about the magic that keeps them coming back.
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October 29, 2021
Emerging Technologies & Things to Consider In 2022
We all know how it goes in the tech industry, there’s new and exciting stuff happening all the time. Lucky for you, we’re here with an inside look into what’s worth paying attention to in 2022. Keep reading to learn more.
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October 5, 2021
Getting Extra Mileage From Your AV System
Worried you’ve outgrown your network and need to completely start over? Don’t toss out your current equipment just yet. We’ve got some great advice on ways to get extra mileage from your AV system.
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September 17, 2021
Voice of the Customer: What’s Your Go-to Visitor Management Software?
No receptionist? No problem! A kiosk and the right software can provide your guests a touchless, secure and customized welcome. But which Visitor Management System (VMS) should you choose? There are literally dozens of options available, and many of them may offer a great fit for your organization. So many choices can feel overwhelming. In this week’s Voice of the Customer, we’ll have a look at our three favorites based on features, flexibility, and user ratings.
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August 26, 2021
ImmediaStudios™: The Inside Scoop
Lights, camera, action! We may not be making Hollywood movies, but we’re getting pretty close. From video production to customized display graphics, read on for all the exciting details of our newest division, ImmediaStudios.
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August 6, 2021
Certifications: AV Certifications and Their Efficacy on Your Project
We’re all used to certain professional credentials - MD, JD, MBA, CPA. But, are you paying attention to the letters after the names of your AV partner? You should be! Tech certifications are important. Keep reading to find out why.
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July 23, 2021
Voice of the Customer: What are Remote Monitoring & Remote Management?
Did you know we can watch and remedy system issues from afar? Have you heard of remote monitoring and remote management but have questioned what they’re all about? Then today’s Voice of the Customer is for you. Continue reading as we give the scoop of these two invaluable service options.
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July 10, 2021
Optimizing your LED Video Wall with Engaging Content
What’s playing on your video wall right now? Is anybody watching? If you’ve got cable news streaming or a static business logo on screen, we’re willing to bet that your customers aren’t engaged and that you’re missing a huge opportunity to promote your brand. Following are three tips for leveraging your display investment with customized, creative content.
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June 18, 2021
Voice of the Customer Episode #5: Benefits to Integrating Your AV Partner Earlier in the Project Process
A technology upgrade in your office often means coordinating with multiple trade professionals. So, at what point should you start working with your AV partner? Read on as we outline the many reasons you’ll want to get us involved in your project sooner rather than later.
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June 4, 2021
AV for Healthcare Industries
Chances are when you think of AV, the healthcare industry likely isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But, believe it or not, there are many exciting technologies that are changing the field of medicine for patients, providers and students. Keep reading to learn more about what’s new and how Immedia is providing solutions across various applications.
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May 21, 2021
How Traditional Workspaces Are Changing
No doubt we’re all glad to see things trending back to “normal”. One thing’s for certain, though, business environments have evolved for good. From touchless technology to virtual interactions to reconfigured office spaces, let’s take a look at making the most of the workplace changes that are here to stay.
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May 11, 2021
E Sports - Next Generation Technology
Are you an eSports player? Ever watched an eSports tournament? If you answered “no”, chances are you are out of the loop on the biggest gaming craze to sweep the globe. Immedia is here to help bring you into the fold. This week’s blog post provides a glimpse inside the world of eSports, the growing popularity of live gameplay and arena events, as well as what we're doing to jump into the eSports game.
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April 27, 2021
Zoom Rooms and Teams Combined
What could possibly be better than using Zoom and Microsoft Teams as individual collaboration resources? The two of them working together in the same room. Well, check this business dream off the wish list because it’s happening! Want to know what that means for the future of your meetings? Read on…
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April 23, 2021
Voice of the Customer - Episode #4
What does Immedia REALLY do? Are we an AV company? Are we a technology provider? Are we a solutions integrator? The answer is… all of the above. So, what does that ACTUALLY mean? In this week’s episode of Voice of the Customer, we’re going to tell you. Keep reading to find out.
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March 29, 2021
Voice of the Customer - Episode #3
How do we take you from the thought of a new system to a completed project? We’ve had many clients ask this very question. In this issue of Voice of the Customer, we open up and share all of the stages of integration from beginning to end. Immedia knows that the key to being your trusted partner is to make you a part of the process.
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March 8, 2021
Voice of the Customer - Episode #2
Are you ready for new AV but have no idea how and where to begin? Is it hard to imagine how everything will come together? Then this week’s edition of Voice of the Customer is just for you. Jump in with us as we answer these exact questions. There are even some pretty cool graphics. Have a look…
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March 2, 2021
Inside the Gila River Video Wall
Who says, “bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better”? In the case of Gila River Hotels & Casinos’ new video wall, BIGGER IS DEFINITELY BETTER! Immedia recently wrapped up work on this HUGE project, and we’re sharing all the COOL details over on our blog. Click here to read.
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February 19, 2021
Introducing Voice of the Customer
We’ve been around awhile. 15 years to be exact. In that time technology trends and functionality requirements have changed dramatically. No wonder the world of AV can seem so overwhelming. We get it! Introducing our new blog series – Voice of the Customer: real answers to real client questions. This week we’ll address the number one query we hear when it comes time to invest in a new system. Read on to find out what it is.
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February 6, 2021
Your AV Essentials for Growth in 2021
Let’s talk 2021. Exciting things are being introduced by our partners at Crestron, Logitech, Poly, and Zoom. We’ve asked our talented sales and design teams to bring you their take on the AV must-haves to make this year a success. Here’s what they have to say…
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January 25, 2021
BYOD: Bring Your Own Device
One of the biggest takeaways from this last year is the need for flexibility – at home, at school and in (as well as out of) the office. With nearly half of the global workforce still straddling between some hybrid of remote and on-site officing, BYOD makes sense now more than ever. So, let’s talk about the what, the why and the how of BYOD.
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January 8, 2021
Measuring Client Experience - Net Promoter Score
“How do we capture customer satisfaction?” This question has been asked by companies for decades, maybe even centuries. Everything from suggestion boxes to extensive surveys have been employed to get a read on what clients really think. Enter the Net Promoter Score approach. There are some key reasons this metric has become so popular and has proven to be an incredibly effective way to measure customer experience. Here’s why…
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January 4, 2021
What is Up-time Worth to You?
Does your AV integrator guarantee uptime? Make no mistake, an answer other than yes means your business is losing money – maybe a little, maybe a lot! Read on to learn more about the real costs of being “down”.
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December 10, 2020
Immedia & Santa’s Sak
Ever wonder how Santa does it all? If you’ve been following our posts these last few weeks you now know – he has help! Lots and lots of help from amazing organizations like Santa’s Sak. This year we wanted to get involved, so we skipped giving out corporate gifts and decided to give joy and hope to foster kids in the phoenix area instead. Here are all the details…
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December 3, 2020
5 Reasons to Work with a Qualified Integrator
Not all AV companies are created equal. There are A LOT of players in the industry but being able to hang a flat panel screen is not the same thing as integrating an entire networked organization. So why is it important to hire a qualified integrator, and how can you know if you’ve found one that’s right for your project?
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November 30, 2020
Factoring AV In Your 2021 Budget
For most of us, 2020 has felt like a VERY long year. But, the end is near, and with that, it’s important to prepare for the needs that 2021 will bring. In the business world, this means setting budgets, making decisions and getting ready for what comes next.
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November 10, 2020
Maximize Personal Impact Over Zoom
First impressions happen quickly! With the reality that meetings are happening primarily outside of the office, it’s more important than ever to maximize how you’re received during interactions. As experts in videoconferencing, we’re here to share some tips and tricks for making the most of your personal impact over Zoom.
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October 26, 2020
Expert Advice on Choosing a Video Camera
With so many business meetings happening remotely, it’s become evident that video camera quality is important. But, what are the differences between the good and not-so-good cameras? We talked with our vendor partner at Lumens to get the inside scoop on why their cameras are your best option.
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October 16, 2020
TCO: What It Is & Why It Matters
Let’s call it like it is… integrated, AV systems are a big investment, and it’s typical for sales pitches to be focused on initial cost. At Immedia, we take a different approach. We have a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) mindset. So, what is TCO and why does it matter?
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October 15, 2020
LCD versus Direct View LED: What You Need to Know
When it comes time to select the best display option for your project, which monitor type should you choose LCD or LED? The best way to answer this question is to understand the similarities and the differences between the two as well as which features make one or the other better for various uses.
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October 13, 2020
AV Over IP
AV over IP is praised within the AV industry as the most revolutionary way to transmit data. But, what is it exactly, and what benefits can it offer your organization? Audio-Visual over Internet Protocol uses internet, LAN or WAN networks for the delivery of audio and visual data. So, why is that a big deal?
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September 28, 2020
Creating Better Workplace Meetings With Crestron
These days on-site meeting spaces need to do more than just offer a place for people to gather - they have to be smarter, well connected, and safe. Immedia’s partners at Crestron have a variety of industry-leading, no-touch solutions that provide all three. Let’s have a look at a few…
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September 26, 2020
HDMI vs DisplayPort: Which One Should You Use?
HDMI and DisplayPort (DP) are two ways to send “high-definition digital video and audio from a source device to a display”. So, when is it best to use one versus the other? The short answer: it depends. We could overwhelm you with techie acronyms and details like hertz, pixels and versions, but it’s our job to understand those specifics behind the scenes. Instead, let’s explore the primary similarities and dissimilarities between HDMI and DP as well as the pros/cons of each.
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September 19, 2020
Why You Need Network Security
Network security is of the utmost importance these days since our livelihoods are all online. All of our work, education, and personal information reside virtually on our technology devices. Data breaches are quite commonplace, so make sure you and your company are protected.
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September 10, 2020
The IoT is Far Bigger Than Anyone Realizes
According to Wikipedia, IoT “describes the network of physical objects –‘things’- that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet”. Essentially, any object that can log “online” with an IP address and connect to other internet-enabled objects.
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September 2, 2020
Why Your Business Should Use Microsoft Teams
These days, businesses are all about virtual collaboration. During this era of diverse work environments it is ideal for employers and employees alike to have a centric workplace platform. With a shared system, workflow can be streamlined and coworkers are able to contact one another at the click of a button.
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August 26, 2020
How Long Will We Be Working Remotely?
How long will we be working remotely? The last 6 months have yielded many unforeseen circumstances and working from home is one of them. While many Americans expected this pandemic to be over by now, the end still doesn’t seem in sight. So, how long will we be working remotely? What will that look like?
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August 25, 2020
Crestron Launches Work-From-Anywhere Tabletop Conferencing System
It’s 2020 and technology changes fast. New products and technological advancements are being released constantly. Our partner, Crestron, just released a brand-new product that we are excited to tell you about. It flawlessly marries office and home-work life so you can meet and collaborate from any location at any time.
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August 14, 2020
You CAN Host an All-Hands Meeting Virtually
Unless you are an alien visiting from another planet, you’ve probably noticed that the world is amidst a global pandemic. This was a new and fairly scary concept at first. How do you communicate with your team? How do you keep up camaraderie and unity amongst employees? And how on earth do you host an all-hands meeting?
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August 13, 2020
3 Common Mistakes When Setting Up A Zoom Room
Having a Zoom Room in your office space is a must these days! It’s important to ensure that your Zoom Room is set up in the best way possible. Through our experience with Zoom Rooms, we've determined that these are the three most common mistakes when setting up a Zoom Room.
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August 10, 2020
5 Crestron Huddle Room Solutions Worth Investing In
Crestron Electronics aims to improve people’s lives with their technology. They seek to help make daily tasks easier to perform by providing cutting-edge technology. Here are 5 different features you can add to your huddle room that will make you confident in your investment.
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August 1, 2020
How Technology Will Impact the Way Universities Operate Post-Pandemic
Amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, the world has faced an onslaught of crises in every area of life. How can educators both keep their students safe as well as provide the best education possible?
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July 27, 2020
Hidden Zoom Features You Might Not Know About
Unless you’re living under a rock, you have probably heard of Zoom. Since we are living amidst a global pandemic marked by periods of quarantine, many people have turned to the application to connect with their friends, family, and coworkers.
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July 20, 2020
Why An AV Engineer Is Critical To Your Integration Project
Are you planning on starting an integration project? Congrats! That is a big task to take on, but one you certainly won’t regret. As you head into this project, it is important to make sure things are done correctly, on time, and within budget.
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June 26, 2020
Remaining Connected During an Outbreak
Most people did not anticipate going through a global pandemic during their lifetime. Yet, during 2020, humanity is fortunate enough to have the technological capabilities that make enduring an outbreak a little easier.
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June 17, 2020
Hardware Shouldn’t Be Hard
It’s 2020 and technology is ubiquitous. Think about it, technology really is everywhere. There are few tasks we could complete without the help of technology. Therefore, the hardware we use plays a big part in our overall productivity.
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May 5, 2020
3 Tips for Remote Workers
Organizations of all types, from schools and small businesses to government agencies and large corporate enterprises, are feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even if your company had already embraced the power of video collaboration, you may not have used it in quite the extent to which you are now.
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April 7, 2020
COVID-19 Pandemic: Addressing Zoom Security Concerns
Here at Immedia, we've been a video conferencing technology partner with Zoom since its founding, and have securely implemented thousands of Zoom Rooms. Don't let this strange time prevent you and/or your business from excelling and don't fall subject to "Zoom Bombing".
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