AV Over IP

October 23, 2020

AV Over IP

AV over IP is praised within the AV industry as the most revolutionary way to transmit data. But, what is it exactly, and what benefits can it offer your organization?

What is AV over IP?

Audio-Visual over Internet Protocol uses internet, LAN or WAN networks for the delivery of audio and visual data. So, why is that a big deal?

In the analog world, audio or visual signals could be sent separately from a source to a display. When things moved to digital, it became possible for a single cable to carry a high definition signal that was both audio and video. But even with this advance, it was still only possible to send data between one source and one display. Now, with AV over IP, the transfer of information happens on the network. Hardwire connections between all devices are no longer necessary, and transmissions are no longer restricted between point A and point B. Multiple sources can send to multiple displays. Think of it as basically a streaming infrastructure for AV.

The Benefits of AV over IP

This all sounds very exciting, but are there real, measurable benefits for businesses that utilize AV over IP technology? Indeed, there are!

AV over IP is:

• Scalable > accommodates a large number of devices – multiple switches can easily be connected to expand

• Seamless to integrate > utilizes existing network structure – changes can be made quickly and efficiently

• A cost saver > utilizes existing equipment, when bandwidth requirements allow – less investment in new devices

• Flexible > if you’re on the network, everything can be accessed – communicate between multiple people in multiple rooms

Is AV over IP Secure?

There has been a misconception that AV over IP isn’t as safe as conventional AV technologies. While that may have been a concern initially, it is simply not the case today. There are highly effective encryption options that can be applied to various IP products. Specific command-and-control layers can also be created to protect the network with authorizations and passwords. Of course, the best way to ensure a secure network is to work with a knowledgeable, professional AV integrator, like Immedia, for design, installation and support.

Data transmission has certainly changed since the days when analog technology was first introduced. Regardless of where your company currently falls on the AV spectrum, if you’re ready to take advantage of AV over IP, Immedia can help you do it.

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Contributing Sources:

Dirk Williams - Director of Strategy, Immedia Integrated Technologies