Hidden Zoom Features You Might Not Know About

July 30, 2020

Hidden Zoom Features You Might Not Know About

Unless you’re living under a rock, you have probably heard of Zoom. Since we are living amidst a global pandemic marked by periods of quarantine, many people have turned to the application to connect with their friends, family, and coworkers. People have engaged in everything from Zoom staff meetings to Zoom happy hours. If you have made use of Zoom, or plan to in the future, check out our list of some hidden features you might not know about!

Customizable Virtual Background

Okay, most people know about this, but it is one of the most fun features of Zoom! All you have to do is click your profile picture, then click setting, and click “virtual background.” You can choose any photo, from your company logo to your favorite vacation spot to the set of your favorite TV show! A fun or funny background will surely spice up your Zoom calls.

Touch Up My Appearance Filter

Zoom has a filter that smooths fine lines and brightens dark under eye circles. It gives you a natural glow, making it look like you got a full night of sleep or actually spent the time to do your makeup. To apply this filter, go to settings, click video tab, then check the box next to “touch up my appearance.” Voila! You look even more amazing than you did already.  

Automatic Audio Transcription

Did you know that you can automatically transcribe your Zoom meetings? This can save hours of work! When you start the meeting, simply click the “record” button on the bottom right corner and choose the “record to the cloud” option. When your Zoom meeting ends, you will receive an email of your recording. After that, you will receive another email that includes the audio transcription of the meeting! It’s as easy as that.  

Screen Sharing Pause Feature

Are you ever sharing your screen and fumbling around with what you are trying to find? If you don’t want others in the meeting to see your screen, you can simply pause it! Press the “pause share” button while you figure out what to pull up on your shared screen.  

We hope you loved all of these cool Zoom features you might not have known about! Still wondering what Zoom is, or how you can leverage it in your business? Contact us and we'll get you plugged in with Zoom, making your work from home life much easier!

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