Zoom Rooms and Teams Combined

April 30, 2021

Zoom Rooms and Teams Combined

What could possibly be better than using Zoom and Microsoft Teams as individual collaboration resources? The two of them working together in the same room. Well, check this business dream off the wish list because it’s happening! Want to know what that means for the future of your meetings? Read on…

The Background

There’s no denying it, Zoom has been the savior of all things video communication related over the past year while Teams has transformed what it means to collaborate with coworkers. The big piece that was missing, though, was interoperability. Users had to either choose a singular meeting service or deal with jumping through many connectivity hoops to switch between the two.

The Benefits

With the introduction of a Zoom-Teams partnership, conference spaces now offer simplified, streamlined connections to the other platform's meetings. Zoom rooms can join Teams meetings and Teams rooms can join Zoom meetings with just the tap of a button and without the purchase of additional licenses or third-party services. As if easy functionality and significant cost savings weren’t big enough wins, possibly the best benefit is that video and sound quality don’t suffer at all. You can still expect the same clear, audiovisual experience that you’ve come to expect from either service.

The Details

This new interoperability all happens behind-the-scenes. A web-based application provides back-end technology that allows your current rooms to make outbound video calls to third-party endpoints resulting in a seamless integration between Zoom, Teams and other Office 365 solutions (including Outlook, OneDrive, etc.).

Looking to take advantage of this new functionality in your office? Immedia has already started transforming client rooms. Give us a call, and we’ll get you scheduled for an appointment with one of our project specialists today!

Source: https://blog.zoom.us/zoom-rooms-direct-guest-join-microsoft-teams-meetings/