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Who is City Communications?

We started City Communications in 2001 to help organizations navigate the complex and ever-changing world of business technology.  The providers and solutions available in the market are constantly changing, but we strive to be one constant for our customers.  We offer an experienced, no-pressure process, where we work with you in partnership to solve your organization's I.T. and technology challenges.

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What Can City Do For You?

Save You Time. We handle the things that take up too much of you and your team's time; clarifying project scopes, meeting and vetting potential vendors, soliciting bids, comparing options, negotiating best terms, and project-managing implementation.
Save You Money. Most of our services are FREE to you. We're compensated by the service providers for placing orders. You still get the same pricing and promotions the provider offers, but add our concierge service and extensive experience.
Help Manage Technology Projects. We provide a project manager for all of the orders to coordinate with you, the provider, and your vendors.  That means less work for you and a smoother overall experience.
Offer Our Experience. Since 2001, we have worked with business customers to meet their technology needs. Our staff has decades of experience and can help you navigate the potential pitfalls that are hiding in most technology projects.
Provide Solutions. We offer a complete line of products and services from over 100 providers across the country. Our goal is to help you find the best solution for your business, and then be there for you during the installation and beyond.  

City Customers

We work with all types of clients from large, national corporations to small entrepreneurs. Each client has their own unique circumstances and requirements, so we custom-tailor our solutions to fit those needs. Here are a few that you may know.

The City Process

We are here to help businesses of all sizes with all of their technology needs. We work each customer project in the following way:

Build a scope of work. Success in any technology project starts with clear goals and an articulated mission. We work with you to define the project before we bring in any potential vendors.
Vendor selection. We make sure that the vendors who are invited to offer proposals for your project can meet or exceed your objectives and have a reputation we can stand behind.
Vendor proposals. We guide you through the vendor qualification and proposal process to make sure all your questions get answered, that the solutions the vendors propose are viable, and that all claims are tested before you choose your solution.
Negotiation of terms. We bring decades of communications-system analysis and negotiation to bear on your behalf when it's time to sign a vendor agreement.
Project management. Signing up for a new technology is only step one. Making sure it gets installed, and that you receive what you were sold, is just as vital as making the decision in the first place.
Billing compliance. Does the bill match the quote? You'd be surprised how many times we catch errors and misunderstandings when the bill first comes in. It's easier to catch and correct these things before they get away from you.
Technical and billing support. Sometimes, you just need a backup when something goes wrong with a vendor service, We're here to help, on call to resolve technical or billing issues with any project we helped you with.
Manage renewals. It's important to manage renewal time frames for communications products to ensure the best options for renewal of replacement prior to automated roll-over periods.

City Products

We help growing businesses evaluate, implement, and manage all of their communications services.

Communication Expense Management
Hosted Phones (UCaaS)
Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)
Workforce Management and Workforce Optimization systems
Gamification systems
Speech Analytics
Artificial Intelligence
Connectivity – nationwide Internet, MPLS, fiber, wireless, phone lines, and more.
SD-WAN and other wide-area networking technologies
Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS)