Auto-Tracking vs. Auto Framing: How it Impacts “Zoom Fatigue”

August 23, 2023

Conferencing fatigue, more commonly referred to as “Zoom fatigue,” is a modern-day challenge we're all grappling with. It's the result of having to concentrate harder during video calls, missing out on non-verbal cues, struggling with audio clarity, and having to stay extra alert to absorb the same information as those physically present.  

We at Immedia are no strangers to this challenge. We're experts in the AV field, and we've seen how this fatigue affects workforces. So, what's our top tip to beat it? Simplify your technology.

We recommend looking for a camera solution that takes the weight off your shoulders. There are plenty of cameras on the market today equipped with AI capabilities that automatically frame and track your speakers and presenters for you.  

These cameras act as a director in your meeting spaces, adjusting to focus on whoever's speaking and properly zooming in on and framing the speaker's face to avoid any wasted space.”

Let the tech do the work:

  • Automatic Speaker Framing
  • Automatic Speaker Tracking
  • Automatic Group Framing

Automatic Speaker Framing

In today's world of frequent video conferencing meetings, we've all encountered situations where participants are seen at awkward angles or positioned too far away from the camera. With Automatic Speaker Framing, this becomes a concern of the past.

Automatic Speaker Framing technology takes care of setting the perfect picture frame for you by effectively cropping and centering around your speaker’s face. It's like the difference between a casual snapshot and a professional headshot. It makes all the difference professionally and ensures the focus remains on your speaker and not the distractions that may be behind them.  

Our Recommendation for Speaker Framing: ViewSonic VB-CAM-201 All-in-One, 4K UHD Ultra-wide Video Conferencing Camera

When it comes to all-in-one conferencing cameras, the ViewSonic VB-CAM-201 makes the top of our list. Its impressive 4K Ultra HD resolution, voice tracking technology, and 5x digital zoom features make it a master in automatic speaker framing.

Equipped with intelligent AI, the ViewSonic camera is able to accurately detect the source of a voice, identify it as the speaker, and automatically zoom in to frame them. The camera is also able to adjust its lens frame to accommodate the physical attendees' seating positions and, if needed, provide a wide-angle field of view of up to 121° that captures the entire room.

Automatic Speaker Tracking

With Automatic Speaker Tracking, your meetings follow a natural flow during discussions. It’s technology that allows your remote participants to see a speaker clearly and observe their body language, contextual cues, and reactions—aspects they usually miss with standard lenses.

Automatic Speaker Tracking enables a camera to pick out the active speaker from a group of people and focus on them. As new speakers join the conversation, the camera seamlessly switches its focus to capture whoever is speaking at that moment.  

The functionality of speaker tracking relies on the integration of beamforming microphones integrated into the camera. It’s a tandem system in which the microphones accurately detect the source of speech, enabling the camera to direct its focus accordingly.  

Our Recommendation for Speaker Tracking: Huddly L1 Intelligent 6K Camera

The Huddly L1 camera has earned high praise from our clients due to its exceptional speaker tracking capabilities. This intelligent 6K camera incorporates a powerful AI-driven technology called Speaker Framing. With it, the camera not only identifies, tracks, and follows speakers in real-time but also captures the subtle cues, reactions, and responses of listeners.

At the heart of the Huddly L1’s impressive functionality is its built-in AI Director. It’s an innovative feature that enables real-time editing during meetings, facilitating seamless transitions between different shot types. The Huddly L1 also leverages AI to automatically adjust lighting settings to produce portrait-quality shots.

Also worth noting is Huddly's Insight Analytics API, a feature that accurately counts and reports on the number of individuals within the camera's field of view and provides valuable data on meeting space usage.

Automatic Group Framing

By considering various factors like the number of individuals in the conference room, their positions, and whether or not a specific presenter is speaking, Automatic Group Framing determines when encompassing the entire group is the optimal framing option.  

Automatic Group Framing is most typically employed when a conference room falls silent—when there is no speaker to auto track or frame, most group-framing-enabled cameras will revert to a full-room view. It’s an excellent feature for large conference rooms, where it’s nearly impossible to position everyone perfectly in front of the camera.  

Our Recommendation for Gallery Framing: AVer VC550

The AVer VC550 excels in wide-angle capabilities. It’s a cutting-edge device outfitted with two advanced 4K lenses, each serving a unique purpose.

The first lens is a PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera, delivering exceptional flexibility with its 12X optical zoom capability (24X total zoom). The second lens is an AI lens, designed to provide a panoramic view of the entire room. With a wide 95° field of view (FOV), this lens captures the complete environment, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of the meeting space.  

Conferencing fatigue, or "Zoom fatigue," is a challenge many of us face in today's virtual world. At Immedia, we understand the impact this fatigue has on remote workforces. It's why we're here to help—offering tips and tricks to enhance your meeting space and improve the lives of your remote workforce.

Our top tip to combat conferencing fatigue is to simplify your technology. Consider investing in a camera solution that alleviates the burden and provides advanced features, like Crestron’s new videobar. We have a number of camera solutions on display in our showroom at the Southwest Experience Center in North Scottsdale that we would be delighted to show you around.