Creating Better Workplace Meetings With Crestron

October 15, 2020

Creating Better Workplace Meetings With Crestron

These days on-site meeting spaces need to do more than just offer a place for people to gather - they have to be SMART, well CONNECTED and SAFE. Immedia’s partners at Crestron have a variety of industry-leading, no-touch solutions that provide all three. Let’s have a look at a few…

Crestron One Mobile App

Most large meeting rooms are equipped with a central control system to manage multiple devices (display screens, microphones, hvac, shades, etc.). That means a lot of hands touching the controller over the course of a day or even a single meeting. The Crestron One Mobile Application for IOS or Android allows meeting attendees to walk into the room, scan a QR code, and instantly control any part of the room. The only thing touched is the user’s own cell phone or tablet.

Occupancy Sensor + an Air Media Device

Have some smaller huddle rooms and/or meeting spaces? An occupancy sensor paired with an air media device is a great option. This combo knows when a room is occupied and sends a signal to turn on the TV equipment. Participants can present from their mobile units without touching anything. When attendees leave, the TV automatically shuts off, again touch-free.

Occupancy and Room Threshold Indication

As employees return to the office, it will be particularly important to control how many people are present in a meeting room (for both social distancing and potential contact tracing). A Huddly IQ camera in conjunction with a Crestron Flex or and the XIO Cloud Management software is the perfect solution. The camera can pick-up if the occupancy limit of a space is exceeded. If so, a notification email is immediately sent from XIO Cloud to the room’s chosen administrator alerting him/her that the location has too many people. That is one intelligent camera!

The logistics of on-site meetings have certainly changed, but Immedia and Crestron are here to help. Want more information about transforming your office into a modern workplace? Reach out today.

Contributing Source: Matthew Ain - Regional Director, Crestron Electronics

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