Four Cameras in One: Crestron Videobar 70

August 24, 2023

Imagine effortlessly capturing your entire medium or large conference room with a single device. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing scattered cameras, microphones, and speakers and instead embrace the convenience of a unified solution that will do the work for you.  

Introducing the Crestron Videobar 70—the ultimate hybrid solution for your conferencing needs. With its single lens containing four state-of-the-art individual cameras, dual speakers, and beamforming microphones, it effortlessly covers the entire room, delivering high-quality video and crystal-clear audio.

More Room Doesn’t Have to Mean More Tech

Crestron’s new video bar is an easy solution to the most common concern we see in AV integration: ensuring a hybrid meeting is just as effective for your remote attendees as it is for your in-office employees.  

Often, we see companies adopting a “more room means more technology” mindset. When it comes to a conference space that’s too large to be captured by a single lens, we’ll see a set up of two to four cameras, each positioned to cover a certain area of the room. As speakers within the room move around the space, these various cameras toggle on and off to capture the changing camera perspectives.  

For your remote attendees, this is not unlike watching a fast-paced tennis match—remote users keep their heads on a swivel, switching back and forth to keep up with the changing camera viewpoints. It's distracting and leaves your workforce feeling disconnected.

One Videobar, Four Cameras

The Crestron Videobar 70 is equipped with not one but four cameras. They each capture different angles and perspectives to create a complete room view and are designed to work synergistically to provide a seamless video conferencing experience.

The wide-angle camera at the top center of the lens captures the entire room with a 110-degree view. Stacked below it are three narrow field-of-view (FOV) cameras strategically positioned to face left, right, and the center of the room. These cameras are intelligently toggled to track speakers seated anywhere in the space and automatically follow their movements throughout the room.

It’s Not Cool without AI

What makes the Crestron Videobar 70 superior to your current conference room camera setup? It’s incredibly smart. The Crestron Videobar 70 comes equipped with RightSight auto framing and RightSound audio enhancement, both of which utilize artificial intelligence (AI).

The RightSight auto framing is a result of advanced AI algorithms working behind the scenes—automatically adjusting the FOV cameras to pan, tilt, and zoom. It creates a more engaging environment that mimics a natural, in-person meeting experience.

Similarly, the RightSound audio enhancement uses AI to optimize sound quality during meetings. The technology includes a beamforming microphone array that not only captures the audio of an entire meeting space but also uses AI to do so. By learning and adapting over time, the RightSound algorithm becomes proficient at identifying individual voices and accurately emphasizing them. It’s precision that ensures participants' voices are heard clearly, even in larger conference rooms or environments with background noise.  

Superior Audio Quality

Equipped with a powerful combination of 10-watt dual speakers and 24 beamforming microphones, the Crestron Videobar 70 fills the entire space with rich, full, natural-sounding audio.

Its Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) technology prioritizes noise reduction and voice clarity. It works by capturing audio input from the microphones within the room and picking up the voices of the participants. As it does this, it simultaneously analyzes the audio output from the speakers to identify the presence of any echoes.

To eliminate an echo, AEC employs advanced algorithms to generate an "echo replica" that closely matches the characteristics of the echo. This replica is subtracted from the audio input, resulting in a clean and echo-free audio output.  

Quick to Deploy and Future-Proof

The Videobar 70 is quick to deploy with plug-and-play simplicity. Just power on the device, connect to the network, plug in your displays, and your room is ready. Supporting up to three displays plus an additional camera, it's future-proofed for Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms, making it a solution that will stand the test of time.

With Creston’s Videobar 70, more room doesn’t mean more equipment. Built on a legacy of unified communications, it's Crestron’s first all-in-one video conferencing system and the latest in a long lineup of hybrid meeting solutions—all designed to work seamlessly together and be easily managed from one location.  

Transform your meetings with the Crestron Videobar 70—where technology meets convenience.  

We’d be happy to delve further into our expertise with this type of solution and show you options like this in our new showroom within the Southwest Experience Center in North Scottsdale, Arizona.

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