It’s All in the Details

July 26, 2023

Sound Masking, Displays, and Cameras. Oh My!

There’s so much more to AV than meets the eye, and that’s intentional.

At Immedia, we select products that are designed to disappear into the decor of a space. That’s why you’d never know these wall accents are actually acoustic materials from Southwest Experience Center’s partner, CRI.

Art or Acoustics? How about both?

On top of being pleasing to the eye, acoustic foam is an effective material used for sound absorption. When sound waves penetrate the acoustic material, the air within the cells begins to move, generating friction. The friction, which inevitably causes heat, transforms the sound waves into energy that’s absorbed rather than reflected. It's a bit of magic, but this process significantly reduces the energy of a sound wave, a result you can hear.

Cinema-quality Cameras are the New Standard

This makes the Poly X30 camera’s job easier. Thanks to the acoustic materials in the space, the Poly camera’s noise reduction feature is not as essential, although still very cool. A machine learning feature called NoiseBlockAI enables the camera to learn what sounds you’d like blocked out. It learns as you continue to use it, growing smarter and smarter with each meeting.

The audio it emits is equally legendary, thanks to the acoustic speaker chamber. Crisp, room-filling audio is guaranteed, whether you're filling a huddle space or an executive board room. When it comes to visual quality, you’ll experience the pristine conditions that Poly always provides. 4K UltraHD video, a 120-degree FOV, and DirectorAI give this camera impeccable image quality, a wide viewpoint, and automatic framing powered by machine learning.  

Keep it Simple – Logitech Tap

Gone are the days of HDMI cords and fumbling with links and applications to start a video conferencing meeting.

Logitech’s elegant Tap display keeps its promise, as you truly need one tap to start a meeting. Zoom, Teams, Google Meet—you name it, and Logitech's Tap is ready to connect without hesitation.

It’s more than a meeting room controller. It’s a headache reliever and a consistent, user-friendly experience, regardless of how tech-savvy your meeting organizer may or may not be. It delivers one-touch joining, calendar integration, and instant content sharing with a sleek design, motion-detected power-on, and a completely silent operation.

So next time you see a striking conference room, take a moment to look into what you may have missed at first glance. Technology is all around us, improving our quality of life time and time again.

See these solutions for yourself at the Southwest Experience Center. We’ll provide you with an exclusive Immedia-led tour of the technologies and innovative solutions on display. You’ll get a grasp of the science behind AV that is often confused with magic and leave as an AV expert. So, what’re you waiting for? Register to tour today!