Getting Extra Mileage From Your AV System

October 8, 2021

Getting Extra Mileage From Your AV System

Worried you’ve outgrown your network and need to completely start over? Don’t toss out your current equipment just yet. We’ve got some great advice on ways to get extra mileage from your AV system.

There are certainly times when devices are beyond their lifespan and/or functional requirements, BUT here are some scenarios where replacement may not necessarily be your only option.

Fix Integration Shortcomings

Even the best components on the market are not going to work properly unless the overall system is designed, installed, programmed and configured properly. All four elements must be executed flawlessly. If something is missing in this chain the entire network will suffer, giving the impression that the equipment is the problem.

A network evaluation by a professional integrator, like Immedia, can identify shortcomings in design, installation, programming and configuration that once remedied will restore your devices to optimal performance.

Address Changing User Needs

The operational effectiveness of your system can be impacted by the evolving needs of your organization. Functionality that made sense at the time of implementation may no longer provide the same satisfaction as your business objectives, tech improvements, workflow modifications and user preferences change.

In lieu of investing in new equipment, modifying control programming and updating firmware can open new capabilities and features on your existing equipment. For example, operating system upgrades are typically available on most devices that once updated will enhance the capabilities and experience without having to purchase new hardware. Additionally, modifications to control programming and/or network configuration, can elevate a system from antiquated to cutting edge with minimal spend.

Leverage External APIs

Another method for getting more out of your current equipment is to leverage your devices’ external Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). An API introduces commands and responses that make it possible for third parties, like control systems or software applications, to talk with and exchange data/information with a device.

Base performance is typically the primary selling point of a piece of equipment, but many products also allow for advanced features that are not part of the everyday application. Working with a component’s API unlocks a wider range of capabilities, functionality and control options that can deliver more specific and modernized user solutions. Think of it like adding after-market parts to your car.

As much as we’d like to sell you a whole new suite of AV products or completely re-do your entire network, our first objective is to bring you improvements that make sense. So, before we rip apart your system, let’s make sure we can’t employ one or more of these possibilities to extend the life of the equipment you already have.

The first step is to get us into your space. Give us a call, and we’ll get you scheduled for a visit as soon as possible.