How Traditional Workspaces Are Changing

May 28, 2021

How Traditional Workspaces Are Changing

No doubt we’re all glad to see things trending back to “normal”. One thing’s for certain, though, business environments have evolved for good. From touchless technology to virtual interactions to reconfigured office spaces, let’s take a look at making the most of the workplace changes that are here to stay.

Touchless Technology

In the early stages of the pandemic, we learned that minimizing contact points was an important factor in staying healthy. We now know that it also makes good sense from an ongoing efficiency and productivity standpoint.

It’s much, much easier (and safer) to integrate a touch-free panel that knows (via QR codes) how and when to control a room than it is to rely on meeting attendees to lumber through the steps of getting the video, lighting, sound and systems of a space set-up and running. And, no need to stress about whether a room is available or has reached maximum capacity, there are touchless options for scheduling and occupancy sensing as well.

Virtual Interactions

We don’t have to explain the unprecedented rise in meeting and collaborating virtually. Zoom, Teams, Webex, and the like have all become part of our daily lives.

But, what if we told you, there are other virtual-based tools that can streamline your employee and customer interactions AND save you money while doing it? One example - the digital receptionist. Applications (such as Greetly) offer completely customizable visitor management capabilities that do everything from welcoming guests and vendors to accepting packages and directing facility tours. Best part about these virtual front-desk assistants? They’re also no-touch which links right back to point one above!

Reconfigured Office Spaces

Gone are the days of jam-packed conference rooms and meetings with attendees from every department (for the foreseeable future, anyway). The trend now is more intimate areas that still allow teammates to connect but on a much smaller scale.

Converting old offices into Zoom rooms or rearranging a few empty cubicles into a huddle space are both great ways to repurpose real-estate that’s already available but for a much more practical function. Just make sure they’re networked with your system so that those who are on-site can easily connect with coworkers, vendors or customers that might be off-site.

Another thing to consider is the reality that while many employees are coming back into a physical location, much of their time is likely being spent in their own private office or work area. Don’t overlook the potential need to ramp up investment for extra monitors or better cameras and/or soundbars so that time at the desk is just as clear and well-connected as if they were meeting with someone face-to-face.

With all of the ways in which the workplace has changed, it’s good to have a partner like Immedia. We work with leading industry equipment manufacturers (like  Crestron, Logitech, Poly and Zoom) allowing us to integrate the optimal solutions for your business in this new reality and beyond. We stay on top of what’s happening in the world of networked AV so you can focus on the experiences of your clients and staff. #itswhatwedo