Voice of the Customer: What are Remote Monitoring & Remote Management?

July 30, 2021

Voice of the Customer: What are Remote Monitoring & Remote Management?

Did you know we can watch and remedy system issues from afar? Have you heard of remote monitoring and remote management but have questioned what they’re all about? Then today’s Voice of the Customer is for you. Continue reading as we give the scoop of these two invaluable service options.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring = the ability to remotely observe what’s happening with your equipment. When Immedia is keeping an eye on your systems, we can check-in at any time to see how things are performing. We’ll create a customer-specific server to tell us exactly how many of your total devices are either online or offline. And, just to make sure we don’t miss anything when we’re not in front of a computer, we also set up notifications to alert us when a device goes down.

Most of the time, we know there’s an issue before you are even aware. Our support team will reach out to schedule a tech visit, or in many cases we can fix the problem without even sending out a truck. That’s where remote management comes into play.

Remote Management

Remote management = the ability to remotely access and manipulate your devices. Think of remote monitoring as “the looking” while remote management is “the doing”. With remote management, we can jump into service mode immediately which means little to no downtime!

The Benefits of Having Both

You can have remote monitoring without opting into remote management, but you can’t have the latter without the former, so the first place to start in keeping your system at optimal health is with offsite monitoring. However, when you’re ready to add in the maintenance piece that’s when the benefits really kick in.

Here are just some examples of what monitoring + management can offer:

  • Initiating and testing various programming changes
  • Troubleshooting and fixing connectivity hiccups across multiple rooms and/or locations
  • Restoring system functions after power outages
  • Updating firmware in preparation for system expansions
  • Correcting collaboration platform issues
  • System patches as a result of security updates
  • Reduction in client IT oversight and cost

Now that we’ve answered the question of what the service features and advantages are, you’re probably wondering if there are limitations in scale and scope? The short answer is NO. We can deploy remote monitoring and maintenance regardless of the size of your network – from a single device to a few offices to an entire multi-campus organization!

Our team is ready and available to provide additional information or to schedule the first step in getting you set-up. You can reach us here.