TCO: What It Is & Why It Matters

November 6, 2020

TCO: What It Is & Why It Matters

Let’s call it like it is… integrated, AV systems are a big investment, and it’s typical for sales pitches to be focused on initial cost. At Immedia, we take a different approach. We have a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) mindset. So, what is TCO and why does it matter?

What is Total Cost of Ownership?

TCO represents the full financial outlay (both upfront and hidden) realized over the lifespan of your equipment. We’re not here to entice you with a low price point only to leave you frustrated with ongoing issues and expenses after your project is complete. Nobody likes those kind of surprises! Instead, our goal is to bring you value - the highest possible, long-term return on your investment. We do so by adhering to five key factors: usability, certification, training, quality and service.


We design systems that are not only easy to use but are networked seamlessly so they disappear into your office’s daily routine.

Consider this, on average it takes seven minutes to get the technology in a meeting started. Imagine you have a handful of meetings with a handful of attendees in a single conference room every day. The cost of waiting those seven minutes can add up to $36,000/year. Now extend that to many conference rooms. It doesn’t take long before you’re looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars in productivity lost each year.


As soon a project is finished we conduct a pass/fail test on EVERY piece of equipment. We certify 227+ separate measurements to guarantee everything has met industry standards and manufacturer specifications. Most other providers only test 1% of their installations. That makes a big difference when it comes to making sure your investment is ready for use on day one!


Don’t worry about needing a team of technology geniuses to operate our systems. What you will need are people that understand the basics. Without proper training most service hiccups within the first 60 days are related to operating the equipment.

We train at least 20% of employees to ensure there will be a minimum of one key player in every meeting that knows how the technology works.


Your system will only be as good as the individual components. This is why we only source equipment from top AV manufacturers with a proven track record or those that have been thoroughly vetted by our tech team.


When things go down, you need to be back in business as soon as possible.

Immedia has the largest and fastest support team in Arizona. Our average response time is less than four hours, and we’re able to resolve 70% of issues within the first visit. More involved service tickets are typically closed within 2 days.

We also offer remote monitoring to keep things online and up to date which will save you from service disruptions to begin with.

Why is Total Cost of Ownership Important?

This concept of TCO is unique to Immedia. Our culture lives and breathes these five attributes because we know it’s the big picture that will ultimately determine whether your partnership with us was worthwhile.

So, why does Total Cost of Ownership matter? Because you can’t afford for it not to.

Want to learn more about TCO? Watch this video then reach out for a free consultation.