Certifications: AV Certifications and Their Efficacy on Your Project

August 13, 2021

Certifications: AV Certifications and Their Efficacy on Your Project

We’re all used to certain professional credentials - MD, JD, CPA, MBA. But, are you paying attention to the letters after the names of your AV partner? You should be! In the technology world certifications are important, and we’re here to tell you why. Keep reading...

The Value Of Certifications

There are many paths that lead one to a career in technology, but there is no "AV university” which means on-the-job training is how you gain knowledge and know-how. Certifications are what legitimize and formalize that experience.

Additionally, most certifications require a lot of time and commitment to obtain. There are often classes, studying, lengthy tests, as well as industry minimums that must be met prior to certification. When a team is highly certified it shows that they individually go above and beyond their regular work responsibilities to achieve those extra letters.

Understanding the Different Certifications

Acronyms alone don’t tell you much, so here’s a little more helpful information…

The three most common certifications are:

CTS —> Certified Technology Specialist

CTS-I —> Certified Technology Specialist - Installation

CTS-D —> Certified Technology Specialist - Design

CTS is industry wide. Anyone in any AV position can work to gain this certification. CTS-I and CTS-D are discipline specific. One must be either a system installer or design engineer, respectively, to be eligible for these distinctions.

Just as important, are the myriad of manufacturer and network-related certifications also available. These specialized certifications (such as Crestron Masters, Biamp, or OSHA to name only a few) show more specific technical skill, advanced experience and/or regulatory understanding.

Immedia’s Certification Pedigree

When you hire Immedia you get a partner with an impressive range of industry, vendor and standards-based certifications. Total certifications across our organization is 424 and counting. In fact, certifications are such a focus, we pay for all necessary training, encourage continuing education by offering flexible scheduling, and even offer bonuses when certain certifications are achieved.

It’s an understatement when we say, “our people know their stuff”! If you’re ready to get our experienced and certified team working for you, contact us to schedule an appointment.