Voice of the Customer - Episode #2

March 11, 2021

Voice of the Customer - Episode #2

Are you ready for new AV but have no idea how and where to begin? Do the options seem overwhelming? Is it hard to imagine how everything will come together? Then this week’s edition of Voice of the Customer is just for you. Jump in with us as we answer these exact questions as well as share some pretty cool graphics.

“We’re not really sure what we need, can you help us understand what the options are?”

This is where it all starts – the first step in the journey to upgraded AV technology in your office. Our answer is always, “Absolutely!”

As we begin our partnership, one of the most important things we’re going to do is learn from you. We’ll dive deep into understanding what you want to achieve with your office space. What are the priorities? What’s the if-we-could-have-it-all wish list? Are you looking for video conferencing solutions, interactive collaboration tools, all hands presentation rooms, display panels for marketing messaging, all of the above?

After we’ve identified your objectives, we provide multiple, potential solutions. We know there are many elements to consider during the process whether function, ease of use, price, location, or “wow” factor. That’s why we’ll clearly lay out and walk you through the menu of options in a good, better, best format. When it comes time to pull the trigger on a project, you’ll have all the information you need to make a fully information decision.

“These AV enhancements sound great, but we can’t visualize the end result. Is there a way to show us what our space will look like?”

YES! It can be difficult to imagine and select new technology without actually seeing it first. We have the dynamic tools that enable us to provide visual sneak-peeks throughout the discovery phase.

Since there’s no way to offer a mock-install, we use digital 3-dimensional renderings to simulate the design and feel of your environment with the proposed AV components. We can even create comparative views, for example: one image to show a wall with a single, large video panel versus a version showing the same wall with two, smaller displays.

It’s amazing just how life-like these graphics turn out. Here are a few client favorites from some recent projects.

If uncertainty over the ever-changing world of AV has been holding you back from enhancing your office(s), we’re here to help! Reach out to get an initial consultation scheduled.

Stay tuned for more Voice of the Customer posts in the coming weeks. And, if you missed our answer to the most frequent question we get from customers, you can find it here.

Contributing Sources:

Cody Scott – Account Executive, Immedia Integrated Technologies

Ariana Mawby – AutoCAD Engineer, Immedia Integrated Technologies