Sound Advice.

July 26, 2023

With Shure’s MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone, you no longer have to speak “up” in your hybrid and conference meetings. That’s because up above you sits a state-of-the-art microphone ready to catch every word you say, loud and clear. So lean back, speak naturally, and let Shure’s microphone do the rest.

Ideal for conference meetings, hybrid setups, and large training sessions, the Shure ceiling mic integrates effortlessly into your meeting room aesthetic. It tucks away neatly on the ceiling above you and comes in customizable color and shape options to match your decor. It's all about superior sound quality without compromising the look of your space.

Think of your most recent meeting in your office’s conference room. You probably found yourself in a large space with a speaker, camera, display, and microphone set at the front of the room. Of course, the aim of any meeting is to capture the voice of everyone at the table. But it’s not always easy to capture those sitting along the side walls or at the far end of the conference table. The MXA920 microphone easily combats this. Out-of-the-box, with no programming, the MXA920 microphone covers up to a 30-by-30-foot area, capturing the voice of every attendee at the table.

But that’s not the best part.

The MXA920 mic is programmed with unique “Automatic Coverage” technology. That means it adjusts its coverage based on where people are actually seated. For a large meeting, it captures the entire area. Fewer people in the meeting? The MXA920 shifts its focus to those specific spots.

You can set up eight separate coverage areas to make sure everyone's voice is heard. You can easily adjust the automatic coverage to your liking by clicking, dragging, and resizing your selection to fit the desired area, like a round six-person conference table. The mic will only pick up voices within that area and eliminate any noise from outside. Plus, you can designate a coverage area over important spots like the head of the table, a podium, or a workstation to perfectly capture the speaker.

It’s no secret that the key to video conferencing lies in the AV components. But it’s easy to forget that the most important content is often carried by the audio, not the video. If the video fails, the meeting can go on, but if the audio fails, the meeting is over.

The Shure MXA290 ceiling microphone is your perfect solution. Come “hear” it for yourself at the Southwest Experience Center. It’s yet another solution Immedia can provide you.

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