Voice of the Customer - Episode #4

April 23, 2021

Voice of the Customer - Episode #4

What does Immedia REALLY do? We get this question a lot! Are we an AV company? Are we a technology provider? Are we a solutions integrator? The answer is… all of the above.
So, what does that ACTUALLY mean? In this week’s episode of Voice of the Customer, we’re going to tell you. Keep reading to find out.

If It Lights Up or Makes Noise, We Do It!

In its broadest definition, the term audiovisual refers to any product or instrument that makes use of both sight and sound. Practically speaking, we are surrounded by audiovisual inputs day-in and day-out, from our living rooms to our board rooms. Ever wonder how it gets there or who makes sure it all works? That’s what Immedia does. We specifically focus on bringing AV systems to the commercial sector - everything from visual displays and conferencing tools to video production and lighting design sound control.

We're Tech Experts

You don’t need us to tell you how quickly technology changes. We’ve got a team of account executives, designers, project managers, installers and service techs that are in-the-know on what’s new, what’s coming and what’s outdated in regards to AV tech.

Need the latest and greatest options related to office automation (virtual receptionists, room schedulers, sensor systems, etc.)? Need collaboration spaces that work for those both in the office and working remote? Ready to launch state-of-the-art environments for e-sports, teaching simulation labs or an emergency operations center? We’re on it!

Integration is Key

All the bells and whistles are great, but if your systems aren’t streamlined across devices then you’ll be missing a big piece of functionality. As a full-service integrator we focus on the network by providing intuitive, reliable, end-user systems. This might look like walking into a room that has connectivity allowing any laptop/phone and any user to control the environment or participate in a call. It may also take the form of a video wall that is programmed to stream targeted content at specific times of the day depending on the audience. We can even connect your systems to ours in order to provide remote monitoring that helps us keep your equipment monitored and healthy.

We could go on and on. The bottom line is this - Immedia makes the broad world of AV technology accessible to individual clients. We’ve been improving efficiency in the workplace, higher ed institutions and governmental agencies for more than 15 years. Now that you know what we do, give us a call so we can do it for you, too!