3 Common Mistakes When Setting Up A Zoom Room

August 20, 2020

3 Common Mistakes When Setting Up a Zoom Room

Having a Zoom Room in your office space is a must these days! It’s important to ensure that your Zoom Room is set up in the best way possible. The ideal set up will help your team be the most productive as possible. Through our experience with Zoom Rooms, we've determined that these are the three most common mistakes when setting up a Zoom Room.

1. The Acoustics Are Poor

So many people forget that Zoom Rooms aren’t just about video, they are about audio, too. The most productive and effective Zoom calls will be those that have effective acoustics where every party can be heard crystal clear. Any reverberation from hard surfaces in rooms will degrade the audio quality and make it more difficult for the speaking parties to be heard. Do your best to limit any hard surfaces such as: glass windows or walls, conference room tables, or hard wood floors. Adding any soft or uneven surfaces will also help improve the acoustics. Consider adding a carpet or curtains to the space. If you are unsure on where to start, don’t hesitate to contact an acoustician. They are a professional that can make your Zoom calls sound optimal.

2. The Lighting Is Distracting

People underestimate the effect that lighting can have on video quality! Harsh lighting can drain the color out of the faces of everyone on the Zoom call. Not only that, but also drain the energy of everyone in the room! Harsh lighting can have a huge impact on energy levels. Dull lighting can have the same effect. A smart lighting system with lights that can be adjusted and dimmed throughout the day is a good way to go. You want to balance the lights inside the room with the lights coming in through the windows to avoid any glare. Make sure the lighting is also uniform throughout the room. You don’t want some people to be in a spotlight while others are in the dark. Work with a project manager to find the best lighting solutions for your space.

3. The Space Needs Microphones

Those who have done at-home Zoom calls probably have not thought much about what it is like to host Zoom conferences in a large space. Most people think that a one camera, one microphone situation would do. In bigger conference rooms, this will not suffice. Although the video display can be seen by all, it is unlikely that everyone can be heard with just one microphone. It is imperative to ensure there is a microphone near each party. If the room is especially large, they can use distributed microphones with amplified speakers. Be sure to point these speakers away from the microphones to prevent any acoustic ricochet. Microphones that are integrated with Bluetooth will be easiest to distribute throughout the room.  

Feeling overwhelmed with making your Zoom space optimal? Don’t sweat it! Our team here at Immedia can help configure the perfect Zoom Room experience for your space. Reach out to us at (480)-483-3399 or click here to visit our contact page and submit a request form!