Voice of the Customer Episode #5: Benefits to Integrating Your AV Partner Earlier in the Project Process

June 25, 2021

Voice of the Customer Episode #5: Benefits to Integrating Your AV Partner Earlier in the Project Process

A technology upgrade in your office often means a lot of players – architects, construction crews, installation teams, etc… With multiple trade professionals in the mix, it can be difficult to know who to bring in and when. So, at what point should you start working with your AV partner? Today’s episode of Voice of the Customer will outline the reasons you’ll want to get us involved in your project sooner rather than later.

As you’re heading down the path of updating conference rooms, lobby areas, meeting spaces, employee lounges, or all of the above it seems obvious as to why you’d get some providers on the job right away, but there are things that need to happen behind the scenes that make it just as critical to get Immedia onsite early on as well.

Opportunity for Optimization

When we get in the building before layouts and construction are completed, or, even better, as architectural decisions are being solidified, we can do things like find optimal ways to run network lines, plan for better equipment ventilation and make suggestions around component placement to maximize usability (just to name a few). Also, if requests for design changes arise, which sometimes do, it’s much easier to make revisions and modifications when things are still in-the-works as opposed to when walls are closed up and rooms are completed.

Better Relationship Building

Immedia likes forming relationships. When we have more time to build our partnership it improves the likelihood of identifying your needs and meeting your expectations. For example, if our IT staff can get to know your IT staff, we’ll be in a much better position to understand the ins-and-outs of your system which means less surprises during installation and quicker service and support going forward.

Additionally, creating connections early on with your other project partners allows for more collaboration and coordination. Having all parties working together toward a common goal undoubtedly impacts hitting completion dates and end-product performance objectives.

Fewer Last-Minute Surprises

Nobody likes unexpected setbacks, especially when it involves a hiccup in getting work completed. The best way to minimize surprises is for us to start rolling ASAP. By avoiding time crunches we can also avoid the delays that result from unforeseen issues like equipment shortages, limited network accessibility and/or construction hurdles.

All this to say, there’s no time like now to schedule your initial consultation. The sooner we meet, the sooner we get started, the sooner you have new AV in your new space. Contact us here.