Optimizing your LED Video Wall with Engaging Content

July 16, 2021

Optimizing your LED Video Wall with Engaging Content

What’s playing on your video wall right now? Is anybody watching? If you’ve got cable news streaming or a static business logo on screen, we’re willing to bet that your customers aren’t engaged and that you’re missing a huge opportunity to promote your brand. Following are three tips for leveraging your display investment with customized, creative content.

Understand Your Specifications

Not all display walls are created equal. Different tech specs may mean different functionality and practical application. Do you have LED or LCD? Is it a single panel or multiple panels? What about size, resolution, location in the room and viewing radius?

These details will matter when it comes to planning for your content – whether your equipment is best suited for action-based shots, animated features, video reels, text information, digital graphics or some/all of the above.

Define Your Content Objectives

It’s imperative to have a goal in mind. Who are you targeting? What are you looking to communicate? What’s the take-away or call-to-action?

Whatever the end objective, the first priority is impact. Short clips, clear images, clean fonts, concise wording, sharp sound are all important features in ensuring that viewers can capture the message quickly and easily.

Once you’ve got your audience’s attention, you’ll want to make sure they don’t forget it. The key to memorable content is keeping it consistent with your overall brand story. When customers understand how your messaging relates to their business needs and your company offerings, they’re more likely to retain the information.

Work With an Expert

Now that you’re ready to update your content you’re going to need experienced technical and creative professionals. Trust us, your clients will notice the difference between well-executed, specialized media and stock footage or generic graphics.

Our ImmediaStudios™ division is here to take the complexities of production design, development and deployment off the shoulders of your marketing and communications teams. With over 30+ years of collective knowledge and skill, we’ll help turn your display network into a powerful marketing tool.

Reach out today. The sooner we get collaborating, the sooner you can see the results on screen and off!


Tom Shields – Sr Account Executive, Immedia Integrated Technologies

Nick Shultz – Sr Design Engineer, Immedia Integrated Technologies

Dirk Williams – Director of Corporate Strategy, Immedia