AV-as-a-Service: Is It Right for Your Business?

March 10, 2022

AV-as-a-Service: Is It Right for Your Business?

Everyone has gotten used to a subscription model for technology, from streaming movies and music to software suites and creative platforms. But can this “as-a-service” format crossover to the world of AV when physical spaces and actual hardware are involved? We’re breaking down AV-as-a-Service (AVaaS) to give some insight into how it works, what the advantages are, and if it’s right for your business.

What is AV-as-a-Service?

The total bill for a traditional AV project typically includes the cost of design, installation and some form of ongoing maintenance. Payment is required in full, usually at the beginning and the end of the project.

With the AVaaS model, the expenses associated with a network integration are wrapped into a flat, monthly fee. Customers are offered a defined-term subscription that includes all the elements they would expect from a custom designed system without the up-front price tag.

What are the Benefits of AVaaS?

There’s no denying, technology can be expensive. Many companies find it difficult to tie up limited financial resources in equipment and hardware. It’s not uncommon for businesses to forego quality and usability to meet the needs of their budget.

With AV-as-a-Service, companies can fold the monthly service fee into their standard operating expenses (OpEx). Since everything is included, there’s no unexpected charges or unforeseen payments to worry about.

In addition to the pros on the budgeting side, there’s also the benefit of frequent technology upgrades. Gone are the days of either using a workspace beyond its appropriate lifespan or re-investing in necessary upgrades. AVaaS term agreements typically end with a system refresh (based on changing needs and new technology) before the new service term kicks in.

Is AVaaS a Fit for Your Business?

Just as the service model transformed the way we watch our favorite TV shows, AV-as-a-Service is adding significant value to the corporate technology landscape. Chances are it’s worth checking out for your business use-cases.

The first step is to get Immedia involved early. The sooner in the decision-making process, the more available options and realistic estimates we can offer. Together we’ll explore whether AVaaS, outright purchase or some combination of both is the best fit for you.