Voice of the Customer: What’s Your Go-to Visitor Management Software?

September 24, 2021

Voice of the Customer: What’s Your Go-to Visitor Management Software?

No receptionist? No problem! A kiosk and the right software can provide your guests a touchless, secure and customized welcome. But which Visitor Management System (VMS) should you choose? There are literally dozens of options available, and many of them may offer a great fit for your organization. So many choices can feel overwhelming. In this week’s Voice of the Customer, we’ll have a look at our three favorites based on features, flexibility, and user ratings.


There’s a reason we use Greetly in the Immedia office as well as companies like DHL and the Dallas Cowboys. It is the only completely customizable visitor software across the globe. Greetly allows for the management of everything from incoming customers, vendors and interview candidates to package and food deliveries, along with facility tours and secure building entry and exit. Notifications are instantaneous and the system can be set-up to collect eSignatures, print visitor badges or a host of many other functions that meet the unique needs of your office environment.

Envoy Visitors

Envoy Visitors offers a warm, touchless welcome while keeping people, property and ideas safe. In addition to the standard guest management services, Envoy Protect will confirm everyone entering your office space is healthy by requiring a health screen before they leave home. You can also set capacity limits and conduct contact tracing, if needed.

Traction Guest

For organizations with a lot of employees, contractors and visitors coming and going from multiple locations, Traction Guest is an excellent choice of VMS. Through its Workplace Safety Platform, Traction Guest facilitates security screening and approvals across unlimited locations, types of workplaces and job roles. The software can be customized and centrally managed making it easy to keep people and information secure in rapidly changing environments.

Ready to learn more about virtual management systems? Beyond offering insight on software providers (these three and even others), Immedia can answer questions around hardware, functionality, cost and add-on considerations. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.



Matthew Beck – Customer Experience Coordinator, Immedia