Crestron Launches Work-From-Anywhere Tabletop Conferencing System

September 3, 2020

Crestron Launches Work-From-Anywhere Tabletop Conferencing System  

It’s 2020 and technology changes fast. New products and technological advancements are being released constantly. The craziness of this past year has particularly led to many new products and programs that accommodate work-from-home lifestyles. It’s hard to keep up, and we stay on top of these trends, so you don’t have to! Our partner Crestron just released a brand-new product that we are excited to tell you about. It flawlessly marries office and home work life so you can meet and collaborate from any location at any time.

The Crestron Flex MM was launched on August 11 as a revolutionary audio and video conferencing device. This device is not only compact but versatile. Sitting at only 7 inches, this device is easily transportable and fits into any space. It is designed to hook up with either Microsoft Teams or Zoom, which are native programs to most companies. This makes this extremely easy when trying to incorporate this product into your preexisting workflow. The Flex MM is also a dream for anyone who has begun working both from home as well as the office. The device is easy to transport, which makes it even easier to work from home as well as the office.

Both the quality and usability are something for Crestron to brag about. The one-touch system makes it extremely feasible to hook up to a video conference. This is doable whether you’re sitting a couple rooms away or a couple of hours away. The product also boasts a 10-foot microphone pick-up range. It also has an ultra-wide HD camera angle that has a 150-degree diagonal point-of-view. Overall, being seen and heard from near or far has never been easier.

Forget trying to figure out your home versus office work life. The Crestron Flex MM will help you with meetings and collaboration from anywhere at any time. The product is slated to begin shipping on September 1.  

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