Inside the Gila River Video Wall

March 5, 2021

Inside the Gila River Video Wall

Who says, “bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better”? In the case of Gila River Hotels & Casinos’ new video wall, BIGGER IS DEFINITELY BETTER! Immedia recently wrapped up work on this HUGE project, and we couldn’t wait to share all the COOL details.

It's Massive Size

Measuring in at 12 feet tall by 80 feet wide the display wall is now the largest direct view LED display panel in Arizona.

To put into perspective just how large that is, consider this – it took 400 individual LED panels to make up the whole. That’s more than 13.5 million independent pixel illumination points! Additionally, each panel has its own ethernet connection, and every three-four panels are then linked together to run signaling back and forth between the main processor. If you’re wondering how many feet of cable that took, the number is crazy – 12,000 total feet!

Its Unique Location

This is not just an ordinary video panel hanging on a wall. Instead, it’s suspended 25 feet in the air, hovering over the casino room floor. The client wanted something unmistakably impressive, and boy does this deliver.

“Floating” it from the ceiling was no easy task. The display is heavy and has a convex radius at both ends giving it two complex curves. It took two-three scissor lifts and several weeks of hands-on installation time just to raise it up overhead. And those thousands of feet of cable, where did they go? They were hidden in soffits up through the ceiling where they make their way to a second-floor control room.

Its Amazing Sound And Video

The panel is perfectly situated at the transition point between the hotel’s lobby/restaurants and the main casino room which means guests are awed with sight and sound as soon as they enter the gaming area.

The heat map shows how eleven strategically placed Biamp speakers create an immersive audio experience from the lobby escalators to the display wall and all the space in between.

The ability to stream 12k video based on the time-of-day is equally exciting. The system was built with intuitive programming that allows the marketing department to adjust content based on casino occupancy, ambient noise, mood, current events and promotional opportunities.

Our Remarkable Team

So, how did we do all this while the location site is almost always open? Our team became nocturnal. They worked tirelessly during overnight shifts from 2am-10am to cause as little disruption to the casino’s day-to-day operations.

Hearing all this, it’s pretty clear the Gila River video wall is a technical and visual wonder. But don’t worry, we also do not-so-enormous projects as well. We can get something just as memorable, even if not quite as big, installed in your office(s) today. Let’s make it happen!

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