5 Reasons to Work with a Qualified Integrator

December 10, 2020

5 Reasons to Work with a Qualified Integrator

Not all AV companies are created equal. There are A LOT of players in the industry but being able to hang a flat panel screen is not the same thing as integrating an entire networked organization.  So why is it important to hire a qualified integrator, and how can you know if you’ve found one that’s right for your project?  


The most critical part of any system is whether or not it will do exactly what you need it to do. In fact, it’s the single biggest factor in the total cost of your project.

An experienced integrator is going to start with a design customized to your specific use-case and operational requirements. Will your system be for external clients, internal departmental communication, or a combination of both? What software platforms and hardware devices do you use or plan to use? What is the layout of your physical environment - offices, meeting rooms and huddle spaces?

With Immedia these questions (and more) are addressed from the get-go. If you find yourself in a sales pitch that doesn’t focus design and usability, WALK AWAY!


A system is only as good as the individual parts that make up the whole.

Each piece of equipment that will be selected and installed can be procured from a multitude of manufacturers. Add to that the wide range of cost, performance, reliability and warranty options, and it quickly gets overwhelming to know which components will deliver the functionality that is required and promised.

Any integrator you meet should be up-front about from whom they source equipment as well as their quality guarantee. As for Immedia, we only work with manufacturers that have a proven, long-term track record. Not only are they leaders in AV technology, but they stand behind everything they produce.  


You’ll want to ensure your integrator is certified based on industry standards AND ALSO that their staff maintains the necessary certifications in the technologies that are being implemented.

Governmental regulations (such as ADA compliance), safety during installation, and network security considerations are only a few areas that will require a team, like the one at Immedia, with extensive knowledge and expertise outside of just basic AV know-how.


Completing installation and then walking away is not how a qualified integrator ends a project. Proper training is a must!

Ask beforehand if your employees will be educated on how to use the system immediately post-implementation as well as how to know when things aren’t running at 100%.

When build-out is finished, we’ll train your staff so that at least one person in every meeting knows how to run the technology without any hiccups.


Your system is a big investment. Downtime is expensive, so is replacing equipment.

Service is a key offering that your integrator should be equipped to provide. Get the details on the size of their support team and their average response time before you make any decisions on who to hire.

Immedia has the quickest resolution turnaround and highest rated support personnel in Arizona. It’s one of the notable differences between us and any of the other AV companies you’ll find in the Southwest.

If these five reasons haven’t yet convinced you of why choosing the right AV partner for your next enterprise project is a MUST, please get in touch. We can get you scheduled for a complimentary system assessment that is sure to make you a believer!