Why Your Business Should Use Microsoft Teams

September 17, 2020

Why Your Business Should Use Microsoft Teams

These days, businesses are all about virtual collaboration. During this era of diverse work environments it is ideal for employers and employees alike to have a centric workplace platform. With a shared system, workflow can be streamlined and coworkers are able to contact one another at the click of a button.

Microsoft Teams is specifically designed to bring productivity, coordination, and communication into a single, intelligent hub. According to a Total Economic Impact Study by Forrester Consulting, Microsoft Teams achieves the following quantifiable benefits1:

    •  4hrs/week saved by information workers through improved collaboration and sharing

    •  An average of 150 overnight trips are replaced with online meetings by year 3

    •  45mins/week saved by frontline workers collaborating with colleagues

    •  17.7% improvement of time-to-decision made by decision makers

    •  14.6% reduction in downtime from having resources available in one location

    •  88% of survey respondents felt “having all of our solutions in one place saves time”

Need more convincing? Here are just some of the logistical, operational and qualitative reasons for implementing Microsoft Teams within your organization2:

1. It enables streamlined communication.

With Teams you can message, chat and make calls all in ONE spot! Channels can be created to organize communication by subject matter and group conversations are available for the whole team to view/like/share/add. This makes things a breeze when searching for old material and bringing new members up to speed.

2. It’s ubiquitous.

Since it’s cloud-based, Teams can be used at any time, in any location, using any device. iPhone and Android users will have no problem communicating. All you need is an internet connection. It’s that EASY!

3. Your calendar automatically syncs.

Ever forget to add an all-hands meeting to your calendar? Ugh, it’s the worst feeling to show up late. That will never happen again with Microsoft Teams’ automatic calendar updating. Plus, it syncs across all users, so it can suggest meeting times based on when other members are free. You can also set meetings to private or open and attendees can chat, set agendas and upload relevant documents.

4. It’s compatible with programs you’re probably already using.

Teams is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365. We can only assume you use Outlook, Excel, Word and Power Point along with the many other Microsoft Office programs, so might as well get everything working cohesively in one hub.

5. It fosters a sense of unity in the office.

Even when separated by geography or time, Microsoft Teams can bring people together. Members are able to work on a document or presentation simultaneously. Collaboration can happen between coworkers in different departments. New users can be quickly added as your business grows. By allowing for free-flowing communication between coworkers, morale gets a boost and everyone feels more connected. Win-Win-Win!

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