Crestron Trailblazes Hoteling Solutions

August 1, 2023

Crestron, a trailblazer in workplace solutions and an Immedia vendor, has rolled out some exciting new products to streamline workflows for both your in-office and hybrid teams.

With the rise of remote work, hoteling desk spaces are now a favored solution for both businesses and employees. Yet, this new norm brings with it new challenges, including unoccupied space and scheduling issues.  

Crestron has addressed these pain points with their innovative product lineup. Introducing Crestron Desk Q, Desk Touch, and Crestron Flex Pods, solutions that are set to redefine the future of hybrid workspaces.

Crestron Desk Q

The Crestron Desk Q, with its compact form factor and QR-code-based reservations, is perfect for community workstations, hot desks, and hoteling. Its design facilitates easy booking of shared workspaces, contributing to a more efficient and productive office environment.

Crestron Desk Touch

Similarly, the Crestron Desk Touch provides an elegant scheduling solution, making spaces easily accessible to the hybrid workforce. It fits seamlessly into any office environment due to its unobtrusive design.

Crestron Flex Pods

On the other hand, Crestron Flex Pods are all-in-one solutions that offer a seamless and intuitive room control experience. They integrate with major collaboration platforms, providing high-quality audio and video to ensure clear communication during meetings. These pods can be easily deployed and managed, making them a convenient solution for various meeting environments.

While hoteling desk spaces offer a promising solution for the hybrid and remote worker trends, it's important to address the challenges that accompany them to fully harness their potential. By integrating products that easily manage unoccupied space and ensure stringent scheduling protocols, you can create a safe, efficient, and productive environment for your workforce.

Want to see these innovative solutions in action? Schedule a tour with Immedia. We’ll show you around the Southwest Experience Center, a collaborative showroom home to Immedia and over 50 other workplace integrators. You’ll get to see first-hand how these Crestron products are transforming the professional world, making temporary workspaces more accessible.