Voice of the Customer - Episode #3

April 2, 2021

Voice of the Customer - Episode #3

Curious about how we take you from the thought of a new system to a completed project? We’ve had many clients ask this very question.

In this issue of Voice of the Customer we open up and share all of the stages of an integration from beginning to end. Immedia knows that the key to being your trusted partner is to make you a part of the process.


Great ideas have to start somewhere. As tempting as it is to jump right in and get started on a project, experience has proven that the best way to bring a vision to fruition is to spend time on the front-end introducing you to our team and fully exploring your needs. In the discovery phase we’ll gain an understanding of your current functionality, your budget, and your AV wish list. From here we can start to formulate the plan for your ideal system(s).


What technology should be used? What layout will yield the best user-experience? How can we get you the biggest wow factor? These are just a few of the questions we’ll not only answer but can visually demonstrate during the design phase. Our design team’s main focus is to lay the groundwork for solutions that bring flexibility, longevity and maximized return on your investment. This part of the process is so important we dedicated an entire blog post to it. You can check it out here.


Next, it’s time to get you some options and a proposal! Our sales & engineering teams will get deeper into your budget and use-case guidelines and will prepare both the written and visual scope of your project. 100% transparency is key during this phase – we guarantee it. Every document will be meticulously reviewed in person to answer any question you may have and to ensure that no detail is missed.


We’ve seen it happen in the industry – projects without appropriate planning that either take longer than expected to complete or, even worse, never really yield their intended performance. Before a single piece of equipment is installed, we develop equipment layouts as well as system and elevation drawings to guarantee accuracy from start to finish. We make it a priority to remain consistent with all pre-installation renderings so you can be confident the finished product will be exactly as envisioned.


During this phase, things start to be transformed in your space. Our team will be focused on cabling, support structure, rack building, terminations, and equipment installation. Our project managers and installers work together to ensure equipment is delivered on-time and is installed efficiently and accurately.


Contrary to popular belief, programming starts well before any "code" is written or any system is configured. Our programmers begin by establishing a user interface look and flow which includes system design and device selection that meet your specific needs. Whether it is generating traditional code, understanding signal flow, configuring control systems, or integrating third-party devices, our programmer's expertise is essential to the success of every one of our projects.


When the equipment is installed and the programming is finished, our job is not done. Immedia takes the time to certify every room on every single project we complete. Our certification team runs a full system functionality check as well as a safety check to guarantee all equipment meets or exceeds AV performance standards. We use Avixa APEX  as the base guideline for certification but also go one step further by assessing each piece of equipment with our own proprietary testing procedures.


Updated technology isn’t going to do you any good if nobody can figure it out. Upon completion of every project trainees are identified, and a training schedule is established. We have a dedicated team focused on preparing your staff to use all elements of the new equipment as well as developing QRGs (Quick Reference Guides) as reference manuals for those times questions arise after we leave.


As much as we hate to admit, even shiny, new systems need constant care and attention. Too often businesses spend money on technology but fail to invest in proper protection for it. With ImmediaCare™ we help extend the life of your systems by offering a range of ongoing support packages. Across the various options, our CET (Customer Experience Team) is always on-the-ready to respond to phone and service calls, provide preventative maintenance, and monitor your network via remote support. From the moment you reach out, we handle everything to keep your system running!

Now that you know a little about the Immedia process you’re probably wondering how you can get onboard. Give us a call, and let’s get a free consultation set-up. It’s the perfect way to launch into the discovery phase. We look forward to hearing from you soon!