We’ve Seen a Thing or Two

July 26, 2023

Office Trends

The way businesses operate has drastically changed. With a dispersed workforce and the rise of hybrid work models, companies are feeling pressure to invest in technology that supports seamless virtual connections.

At Immedia, we've been at the forefront of Arizona-based workplace AV innovations for over 20 years. We've seen firsthand how AV renovations boost productivity, connectivity, and culture. Simply put, they're the key to creating inviting, proactive spaces suitable for hybrid work and beyond.

We've noticed a few trends in how office technology impacts business operations that you should take note of:

1. Tech-Powered Meeting Rooms: Hybrid workforces need to connect seamlessly, whether in the office or working remotely. Modern conference rooms now boast AV features like wireless screen sharing, smart displays, and video conferencing systems. At Immedia, we can help you design and integrate technology in these spaces and ensure they’re fully equipped with the right audio, video, and software solutions.

2. Virtual Connections Matter: Face-to-face meetings aren't enough anymore; you need quality virtual interactions too. Tools like Zoom, Cisco Webex, and Microsoft Teams are essential for keeping teams engaged and productive, no matter where they are. We can help you choose and implement the right tools for your business.

3. Digital is King: Companies are realizing the importance of digital transformation to stay relevant. Embracing automation, machine learning, and big data analytics can streamline processes, cut costs, and boost efficiency. In the AV world, this means automated systems capable of recognizing and responding to vocal instructions, smart algorithms that connect various programs, and/or intelligent lighting systems that learn optimal times to lighten or darken a room based on human presence.

The future of work requires businesses to be proactive, agile, and tech-savvy. We're ready to help you deploy the right tech solutions for your business, creating a productive, engaging, and high-tech workspace.

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