What is a Zoom Room?

August 14, 2023

Considering that video conferences are becoming more common than in-person meetings, purchasing the best video conferencing system for your company is probably at the top of your list of priorities.

There are plenty of online conferencing platforms that make video meetings a breeze, with Zoom being the most popular. But today, many companies are taking these video-based solutions a step further with the development of “Zoom Rooms.”  

What Is a “Zoom Room?”

A Zoom Room is an intentionally designed meeting space that integrates AV hardware with Zoom’s video-conferencing software.  

What’s the Difference Between the Zoom Platform and Zoom Rooms?

Zoom is a video-conferencing platform used for team collaboration. If you have an existing Zoom subscription, you can readily schedule and launch Zoom meetings from anywhere.

The concept of a Zoom Room, however, extends beyond the software—incorporating the Zoom software into a physical environment that’s equipped with the needed AV hardware. Once set up, users can walk into the room and join pre-scheduled meetings with just a single tap, initiate calls to another Zoom Room, connect with virtual counterparts, and more.

What AV Goes Into a Zoom Room?

These Zoom-integrated spaces are typically constructed within meeting areas such as conference rooms, huddle rooms, and offices. They include:  

  • Display screens or video walls
  • Speakers  
  • Microphones  
  • Cameras  
  • Acoustics  
  • Adequate seating  
  • Compatible hardware and software
  • Accessories (whiteboard, interactive scheduling tools, one-touch meeting control panel or tablet)

Here’s some of Immedia's favorite devices that elevate Zoom Rooms:

Control Panels:

  • Crestron Flex 10” taoudh enabled user interface  
  • Logitech Tap – Touch enabled user interface  
  • Poly Studio 8”- touch enabled user interface  


  • Vaddio High resolution Pan/Tilt/Zoom video conferencing camera  
  • Huddly IQ AI-Powered Camera
  • Viewsonic Corp Conference Room Camera - Built-in 4K Camera

Display Screens:

  • Sharp 86” High Resolution 4K Commercial Display
  • Viewsonic CORP 86" Viewboard® 4k Interactive Flat Panel Display
  • Planar  TVF Complete Series 4k LED Module, 1.2mm Pitch

These devices come equipped with all the essentials to prepare your meeting rooms for video conferencing. Of course, selecting any of these largely depends on your budget and the room's characteristics. Nevertheless, these devices are exceptional options that provide a range of advantages.

Is My Meeting Space Suitable for a Zoom Room?

Any space can be a Zoom Room.  

Zoom’s platform is compatible with all laptops and display screens. It’s easily scalable, meaning it’s compatible with any size room, and you can add additional Zoom Rooms as your company grows.  

If you’re looking to turn a large presentation space, boardroom, or even a training room into a Zoom Room, you may consider adding additional microphones like the Shure MXA910, a ceiling microphone system, to ensure pristine audio in a larger space.  

How Do I Benefit From a Zoom Room?

Beyond serving as an immersive and interactive meeting experience, a Zoom Room boasts the following advantages:

Zoom Rooms Bring High-Definition Video Collaboration to Any Space: The AV that creates a Zoom Room greatly improves meeting experiences for yourself, your remote counterparts, and your in-office employees. The use of technology, such as front-facing cameras, significantly enhances the experience of your remote participants in virtual meetings. With a quality room-capturing camera, virtual attendees are no longer dependent on the audio and camera quality of individual laptops. Instead, they can see all employees present in the virtual meeting room clearly, inevitably facilitating more effective communication and interaction.

Always-Ready Functionality and Wireless Technology: A Zoom Room is programmed to easily connect with Zoom’s platform. That means no programming, changing TV inputs, or HDMI chords needed. With a fully AV-equipped Zoom Room, employees have the ability to create meetings, invite teams, switch between screens, and share media with a single touch.

Zoom Rooms Can Significantly Reduce Travel and Operational Costs: Your employees no longer need to be in the same place at the same time, as Zoom allows for remote logins to meetings. You can combat the cost of flying clients to your offices, traveling for seminars, and booking stays outside of town.  

Should I Choose a Zoom Room or a Microsoft Teams Room?

Both Zoom and Microsoft Teams are adequate solutions for video conferencing, and a Zoom and Teams Room boast similar benefits. When deciding which to deploy in your workspace, you should consider which meeting software you’re already using—for a lot of companies, it’s a mixture of both.

Zoom Rooms are compatible with a number of video software programs and can be invited to meetings with Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Google Meet, or BlueJeans.

Who Can Install a Zoom Room?

It's important to note that Zoom does not manufacture any of the required AV hardware needed to run its platform or create a Zoom Room.

That’s why the best way to install a Zoom Room is with the help of an AV integrator like us. At Immedia, we’ve worked with the recommended Zoom Room hardware suppliers, including vendors such as Crestron, Viewsonic, and Poly, for over 20 years.  

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of remote work and video conferencing, the concept of a 'Zoom Room' offers an innovative solution to enhance team collaboration and efficiency. These spaces, equipped with high-quality AV hardware and integrated with Zoom’s video-conferencing software, provide an immersive meeting experience that significantly enhances communication and interaction.

As the top AV installers in Arizona, we demonstrate a strong level of expertise when it comes to AV conference room solutions. Whether you’re converting a large boardroom, a compact huddle room, or a training room, we can tailor your Zoom Room to fit your specific needs and budget.

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