What is Up-time Worth to You?

January 5, 2021

What is Up-time Worth to You?

Does your AV integrator guarantee uptime? Make no mistake, an answer other than yes means your business is losing money – maybe a little, maybe a lot! Our Director of Corporate Strategy shares five factors that contribute to the real costs of being “down”. Read on to learn more.

What is Up-time and Downtime?

Uptime describes the duration of time in which a system is fully operational. In general terms, your system is “up” when all equipment is running as designed, when you need it. Unfortunately, we’ve been conditioned to expect our technology to be unreliable. We’ve gotten used to downtime but having your technology out of commission should be the exception, not the rule.

Downtime can be the result of network/connectivity issues, equipment failure, a non-functioning user interface, poor configuration and/or an inadequately trained staff. All result in negative financial impact on the organization. Let’s take a look at how.

Direct Labor Productivity Costs

Employee time spent in unproductive meetings as a result of inoperable equipment isn’t just frustrating, it’s expensive. Our analysis (based on labor statistics and industry experience) shows that the present value of perpetual down-time can easily reach millions of dollars for a mid-sized company (50-200 employees).

IT Staffing Costs

Most modern businesses have some sort of internal IT support, even if the “department” is just one or two people. Anytime those individuals are tasked with recurring maintenance of the same equipment, the company loses money.

On-Going Equipment Costs

Technology is a big investment, and when it doesn’t work the last thing you want to spend more money on are repairs and, even worse, replacement. When you’re talking through the specific equipment being installed in your workplace, be sure your integrator speaks frankly about performance, manufacturer track record and warranty periods.

3rd Party Support Costs

It’s not uncommon, especially for smaller organizations, to need outside specialists when service issues extend beyond the expertise of an internal IT department. The most costly aspect of hiring external support is that it usually happens after your system is already down. When you’re facing no equipment or paying whatever is necessary to get a tech in your office, you’re going to choose the latter.

Other Hidden Costs

Just because some expenses are hidden doesn’t mean they’re any less detrimental to the bottom line. Companies with ongoing downtime issues experience higher rates of employee turnover, loss of potential business, negative customer perception/reputation and errors in work product. These can often be just as difficult to recoup as outright, financial costs.

So, what is uptime worth to you? That answer will be different for each individual organization. But, one thing is certain, it can’t be answered without the right AV partner. Immedia not only guarantees your equipment’s usability, we handle all the aspects to keep you UP! Contact us, and let’s start exploring reliable options for your system today.

Source: Dirk Williams – Director of Corporate Strategy, Immedia Integrated Technologies